2010: A Look Back


Almost exactly two years ago, I sat down and made a list. Of the new year’s resolution variety, I guess, because the first item on it was “Be Happy”. It sounds a bit esoteric looking at it now, but you see, I didn’t need to read a self-help book or change the way I looked at the world or anything like that. The main thing that was making me NOT happy was my job, and all I needed to do was take the plunge, quit the job, and start doing what I loved: taking pictures.

And here I am, two years later, at the end of the most amazing year I could possibly have wished for. When I started my business at the beginning of 2009 I could only dare to dream that by the end of 2010 I’d have shot nearly thirty weddings as the lead photographer, been second shooter for six more, and photographed innumerable engagement, couple and trash the dress shoots (innumerable in this case means I can’t remember how many :-)).

I’ve been incredibly lucky and incredibly blessed this year. Here are some of my favourite moments of which I was privileged to be a part in 2010.  You can see some of my all-time favourites in my blog header, so here are some other beautiful moments. I chose moments with real emotion…which is what weddings are all about.

Jade & Craig:

Groom first look

Cape Town wedding photographer

South African wedding photograher

Kate & Rupert:

Wedding Photography Cape Town Western Cape

Shoana & Chris:

Wedding photographer Cape Town surrounds

Cape Town destination wedding photographer

Taryne & Werner:

Wedding Riverplace

Mia & Francois:

Leandre & Erich:

Western Cape wedding photographer

Wedding photography Cape Town surrounds

Hayley & Marc:

Wedding photographers

Daleen & Aaron:

Cape Town wedding photographers

Cape Town wedding Photographers

Vivian and Gary:

Cape wedding photographer

Wedding photographers Cape Town

Candice & Andrew:

Cape Town Stellenbosch wedding photography

Kirsty & Ant:

Wedding photography

Aimee & Tyler:

South Africa Cape wedding photographer

Kat Forsyth Cape Town wedding Photography

Barbara & Jason:

Wedding Shepstone Gardens

Cape Town wedding photographer

Kyra & Nick:

South Africa Wedding Photographers

Cape Town wedding photographer

Jackie & Mark:

Cape Town photographer

Kylie & Barry:

Kat Forsyth wedding photographer

Western Cape weddings

Cherene & Clark:

Cape Town wedding photographers

South Africa Western Cape wedding photographers

Theresa & Petrus:

wedding photographer South Africa

Cape Town wedding photographer

Shauna & Ian:

South Africa wedding photographers

Cape Town wedding photographer

Lene & Jaco:

Cape Town wedding photography

Clarens wedding photography

Astrid & Craig:

Wedding photographers Cape

weddings creative real moments

Chiara & David:

wedding photographer Cape Town

Cape Town wedding photographers

Mel & Craig:

Western Cape Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers SA

Nadia & Chris:

Cape Town wedding photographer

Cape Town wedding photography

Bronwen & Tienus:

St Martins in the Veld

Western Cape photographers wedding

Cathy & Sean:

wedding photographer destination South Africa

Wedding photographer South Africa

natural moments wedding photographer

5 responses to “2010: A Look Back

  1. Congrats, Kat! Beautiful photos. You’re the master of capturing emotions, and so many wonderful smiles.

  2. Wow Kat – what a busy year!!!

  3. Amazing! Well done and may 2011 also be great for you!!

  4. I am so happy for you that you were not only able to take the leap and follow your dream, but that you have been so successful at it! You are an inspiration to me- I started going to school part time to make a career change and become a teacher 🙂

  5. Great idea to display it like this. Gorgeous. You inspire me every day my friend.