A Look Back: 2012 { Best Wedding Photography }

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2012: the year of enormous changes. After three years of doing wedding photography in Johannesburg, my husband and I decided to uproot ourselves and move to London; a huge decision not only personally, but also for my business. After all, I was still fairly new on the scene and had just started to get established. Moving countries meant pretty much restarting from the ground up, except of course that this time I had some lovely pictures of my SA couples to convince my new clients to hire me! I want to give a special thanks to Rachel and Geoff and Clare and Ricky, who hired me for their 2012 weddings before I had even set foot in the UK! Your confidence in me meant the world! And, of course, thank you to every other couple who had me shoot their weddings, engagement and anniversary shoots this year, as well as all the wonderful vendors who brought me into their collaborations and allowed me to shoot some amazing styled shoots!

Below is a selection of my best wedding photography moments from the year. And there were a LOT.

Finally, this year seemed to have been the year of the babies for my past couples! I love being Facebook friends with my clients, because then I can see all the pictures of their new family members. 🙂 So congratulations to Daleen and Aaron on the birth of Lilly, Chiara and David on the birth of Massimo,  Kyra and Nick who are about to welcome their baby at any moment, and Taryn and Marc who have just announced they’re expecting! I’m so happy for all of you – and any of my other past couples that I don’t know about who’ve expanded their families, drop me a line and let me know! 🙂

Now onto the best of 2012:

Best wedding photographers UK ABC_0197 Alice-33 Alice-38 Alice in Wonderland Alice-50 Amrit-John-13 Amrit-John-19th-Oct-364 Bridesmaid Shoot 004 best wedding photography uk Bridesmaid Shoot 132 Carnival circus wedding Milly Dave-4 Carnival circus wedding Milly Dave-22 Carnival circus wedding Milly Dave-32 Carnival circus wedding Milly Dave-40 Carnival circus wedding Milly Dave-43 Carnival circus wedding Milly Dave-56 Caswell House Wedding-19 Caswell House Wedding-22 Caswell House Wedding-39 Caswell House Wedding-44 Cherry-Scott-5 Cherry-Scott-11 Best wedding photographers flying veil bride Cherry-Scott-32 Cherry-Scott-47 Cherry-Scott-54 Cherry-Scott-72 Cherry-Scott-77 Christmas-Wedding-Petersham-Nurseries-15 Christmas-Wedding-Petersham-Nurseries-18 Christmas-Wedding-Petersham-Nurseries-54 Clare-Ricky-076 Couple-Shoot-Kim-Mervin-1 Cristelle-Jacques-TTD-40 Cristelle-Jacques-TTD-42 Cristelle-Jacques-TTD-75 Cristelle-Jacques-TTD-159 FAR_6312 FAR_6356 FAR_6558 Gemma-Matt-2 Islington-Angel-London-Wedding-Morgan-Dan-2 Islington-Angel-London-Wedding-Morgan-Dan-14 Islington-Angel-London-Wedding-Morgan-Dan-16 Islington-Angel-London-Wedding-Morgan-Dan-25 Islington-Angel-London-Wedding-Morgan-Dan-34 Islington-Angel-London-Wedding-Morgan-Dan-35 Islington-Angel-London-Wedding-Morgan-Dan-43 Islington-Angel-London-Wedding-Morgan-Dan-56 Jane-Dexter-29 Karen-Willem-wedding-21 Karen-Willem-wedding-26 Karen-Willem-wedding-33 Karen-Willem-wedding-44 Kat-Southside House-13 Kat-Southside House-31 Kat-Southside House-64 KJW_6659 KJW_6795 KJW_7240 KJW_7516 KJW_8910 Marlette-Warren-Engagement-9 Marlette-Warren-Engagement-20 MWW_8998 MWW_9007 MWW_9549 MWW_9647 MWW_9895 Niki-Andrew-TTD-01 Niki-Andrew-TTD-13 Orleans-House-wedding-12 Orleans-House-wedding-26 Pat-Chris-engagement-21 Pat-Chris-engagement-71 PCW_1708 PCW_2117 PCW_2573 PCW_2850 Rachel-Geoffrey-Wedding-013 Rachel-Geoffrey-Wedding-253 Rachel-Geoffrey-Wedding-312 RGW_4494 RGW_5586 RGW_5700 Rhinefield House New Forest-2 Rhinefield House New Forest-6 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-22 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-37 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-42 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-46 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-59 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-2 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-7 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-28 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-37 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-41 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-49 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-63 SCW_4794 SCW_4812 SCW_4871 SCW_4918 SCW_5253 SCW_5453 SCW_5476 SCW_5558 Taryn-Marc-TTD-5 Best wedding photography UK Taryn-Marc-TTD-45 Taryn-Marc-TTD-63 Vintage-Gothic-Lesnes-Abbey-44 Vintage-Gothic-Lesnes-Abbey-60 Vintage-Gothic-Lesnes-Abbey-77 Vintage-Gothic-Lesnes-Abbey-128

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  1. Great work kat, What an amazing year you have had, lovely images. I know you will rock 2013 too.

  2. Love these!! My favorite thing about your photos is how much FUN all of your couples seem to be having. Your clients seem like a blast! Wonderful photos 🙂

  3. I love your warm, lighthearted color palette. And it is interesting to see wedding and fashion photography mixed together. Great work!

  4. Beautifully imaginative work!


  5. Love the image of the ring on the peacock feather. It isnt often that wedding photographers capture creative images of the wedding rings. Gob well done I say.