Alice in Wonderland Wedding ideas & inspiration

Alice in Wonderland wedding

Long ago, before the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movie came out, I had a vague idea of doing a photo shoot of Alice in Wonderland wedding ideas; but as with all vague ideas that never get anywhere beyond that stage, I just didn’t get around to it. Then suddenly Alice was everywhere: there were real weddings, inspiration shoots, Wonderland-themed DIY projects, and doing one of my own just seemed like overkill. But along the way I’d been picking up bits and pieces that I thought would work in the shoot if it ever happened.

Then we made the decision to move to England, and I realised that I’d better do the shoot before I had to decide what to do with the props when I packed up my home! I also had the perfect “Alice” in mind: Sara, with whom I’d worked at a bookshop a few years before. My landlady and friend, Mel, who owns a wardrobing/costume business, and does make-up as well (she even did my own make-up for my wedding in 2008), had the perfect little white dress, which I supplemented with a blue bow I’d found in a box at my community theatre group! Mel did Sara’s make-up as well. The flowers, vases and belljars were provided by my friend Eve of Splendid Affairs – I had a definite vision of moss, mushrooms and belljars – and I bought some mixed mushrooms at the supermarket, which I added in myself. Everything else – the keys, clock, pocketwatch, necklace, etc -belonged to me, and we found a way to use them to add to the Alice in Wonderland wedding theme!

Alice in Wonderland wedding Alice-2 Alice-6 Alice-8 Alice-9 Alice-12 Alice-14 Alice-18 Alice-20 Alice-27 Alice-29 Alice-30 Alice-32 Alice-36 Alice-41 Alice-43 Alice-47 Alice-50 Alice-55 Alice-57 Alice-64 Alice-65

7 responses to “Alice in Wonderland Wedding ideas & inspiration

  1. Maria de Faci

    Omg! What a gorgeous shoot! Kat, I’m I love with your Alice! X

  2. Cool concept, well executed.

  3. oh my goodness Kat that shot with the cards around her looks like they’re all floating! I love it so much! The keys and the striped tights… just all of it. Very nice!

  4. Love this – such fun!

  5. Superb! As usual! xXx

  6. Such a lovely, whimsical session! Love the cards around her head!

  7. Very, very stylish. Great work and a pleasure to view:)