Oxfordshire Wedding Photography – Aynhoe Park Wedding {Shauna & Nathan}

giraffe at aynhoe park wedding





Quirky wedding at Aynhoe Park wedding venue

Aynhoe Park wedding venue in Oxfordshire is basically every wedding photographer’s dream venue to shoot at, so when my friend Debs Ivelja from Cornwall mentioned she needed a second shooter for a wedding there, I was pretty much like a kid in a school class, jumping up and down with my hand raised, yelling, “Pick me! Pick me!” And luckily she wasn’t weirded out by my craziness, and said yes.

Aynhoe Park has a gorgeous old church attached to the grounds, where Shauna and Nathan’s ceremony was held, and after that there was a mad dash through the rain – which disappeared almost immediately – and into the house itself, to introduce everyone to the craziness that is the interior. A polar bear in a cap and aviator goggles, an alligator holding out a welcome tray like the most prim and proper butler, a lion wearing (of course) a crown,  a unicorn sculpture, a floating giraffe held up by balloons, and more statues and sculptures than you could care to count – Aynhoe Park is utterly bonkers and yet stylish as hell. You can read all about its history here.

Shauna and Nathan are a stylish couple with a bit of quirkiness, so the venue suited them perfectly. We did photos all over the place – why would you not? – from the interior of the house, to the charming village streets outside, and finally back to the front of the house, with its huge metal sculpture. The meal was served in a long series of rooms presided over by the the King Lion, and the speeches were probably my favourite part of the whole day (well, aside from the bonkers taxidermy :-)); Shauna’s Dad is hilarious and had everyone in stitches.

Debs, thank you so much for inviting me along to be your second shooter at this Aynhoe Park wedding! I’ve been dreaming about shooting there for years, and now my bucket list venue number one can now be crossed off the list!

Bride getting ready at Aynhoe Park in the mirror Bride and flowergirl getting ready at Aynhoe Park bridal suite Groomsmen at local pub before wedding Church attached to Aynhoe Park wedding venue Bridesmaids in pink dresses outside church Bride and bridesmaids walking down the aisle at Aynhoe Park church Bride and groom at the altar Bride groom first kiss at wedding Guests outside Aynhoe Park Confetti at Aynhoe Park wedding shades of pink bridal bouquet Candid photo of wedding guests laughing reportage photos of wedding guests at Aynhoe Park Alligator at Aynhoe Park Polar Bear at Aynhoe Park Cocktail hour at Aynhoe Park wedding Floating giraffe at Aynhoe Park wedding Photojournalism wedding photography Guests taking selfie with giraffe at Aynhoe Park Balloons and floating stuffed giraffe at Aynhoe Park Happy bride wedding day Excited bridesmaid at wedding at Aynhoe Park Champagne being poured at wedding Natural wedding photography at Aynhoe Park Bridesmaids and wedding couple outside Aynhoe Park Table decor at Aynhoe Park with pink flowers Unicorn heads mounted at Aynhoe Park Lion in a crown at Aynhoe Park wedding wedding flowers at Aynhoe Park wedding wedding portraits amongst the Aynhoe Park sculptures London Wedding photographer Exterior of Aynhoe Park Beautiful couple portraits in front of blue door Wedding photo in Cotswolds village street wedding photo in Aynhoe Park metal sculpture Bride and groom entering reception wedding photographers London You me bum bum train sign at Aynhoe Park Candid guests laughing at wedding Aynhoe Park wedding reception Fun wedding photography Jazz musician next to polar bear at Aynhoe Park Dance floor at Aynhoe Park with purple lighting

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  1. The couple is awesome at the garden!