Barn Wedding at Tewin Bury Farm, Hertfordshire {Fiona & Ian}

Giant red ballon wedding

Tewin Bury Farm Wedding

Fiona and Ian had a sunny, not-a-cloud-in-the-sky barn wedding during our recent heatwave. On the up side, since they had been certain it was going to rain, even the heat was welcome, and it meant that everyone could fully enjoy the outside games: jenga, a coconut shy (!), and of course, space-hopper racing! And when I got home my husband had put together the fan I’d ordered on Amazon two days before – I definitely needed it as I got super sunburned from running around photographing people all day! Totally worth it, though! 🙂

Tewin Bury Farm wedding venue is an absolutely gorgeous location, and the Tythe Barn, in which Fiona and Ian held both their ceremony and reception, is a stunning old 14th century building with enough crooked beams to delight my heart. Filling it with coloured lanterns made it look even more beautiful and special, and afterwards there were GIANT red balloons, which gladdened my heart even more. I bloody love balloons. The day was beautiful from start to finish, with tears of joy aplenty, a super fun bridal party, and crazy-dancing guests. Congratulations, Ian and Fiona. Your wedding was beautiful, and doing so much of the decor yourselves was completely worth it. 🙂


Barn wedding Hertfordshire UK

Wedding dress hanging TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-04 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-05 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-06 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-07 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-08 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-09 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-10 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-11 Tewin Bury Farm Wedding TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-14 Tewin Bury Farm Wedding ceremony TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-16 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-17 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-18 Groomsmen coloured socks wedding TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-20 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-21 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-22 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-23 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-24 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-25 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-26 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-27 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-28 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-29 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-30 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-31 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-32 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-33 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-34 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-35 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-36 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-37 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-38 TewinBury-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Fiona-Ian-39

© Kat Forsyth, Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

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