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It’s that time again! My 2013 round-up of some of my favourite wedding photos, engagement photos, and other pictures I’ve taken this year! It’s a pretty big post… turns out I had a lot more favourites than I thought. Which, of course, is good, and I can’t complain!

Thanks to all the wonderful people in these photos who made my job really easy this year, by just turning up and being fantastic clients from the get-go! My photos wouldn’t be half as good if you didn’t look so awesome in them. 🙂 And I wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun as I did in 2013 if you all weren’t so damn fun to work with! So here’s to continuing friendships and hoping that my 2014 couples are just as lovely!

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Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-002 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-003 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-004 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-005 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-006 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-007 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-008 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-009 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-010 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-011 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-012 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-013 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-014 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-015 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-016 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-017 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-018 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-019 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-020

Wedding photography offbeat alternative Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-022 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-023 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-024 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-025 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-026 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-027 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-028 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-029 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-030 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-031 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-032 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-033 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-034 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-035 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-036 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-037 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-038 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-039 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-040Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-041 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-043 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-044 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-045 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-046 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-047 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-048 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-049 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-050 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-051 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-052 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-053 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-054 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-055 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-056 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-057 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-058 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-059 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-060

Wedding photographers in London Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-062 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-063 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-064 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-065 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-066 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-067 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-068 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-069 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-070 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-071 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-072 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-073 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-074 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-075 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-076 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-077 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-080

Alternative wedding photos UK Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-082 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-083 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-084 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-085 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-086 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-087 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-088 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-089 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-090 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-091 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-092 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-093 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-094 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-095 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-096 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-097 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-098 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-099 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-100

Quirky wedding photography Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-102 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-103 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-104 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-105 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-106 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-108 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-109 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-110 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-111 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-112 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-113 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-114 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-115 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-116 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-117 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-118 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-119 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-120 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-123 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-124 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-125 Best-wedding-photos-UK-Kat-Forsyth-126






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Thanks for reading! If you liked this post, have a look at my portfolio of fun, alternative wedding photography, or find similar wedding photographer posts by going back through my blog. I love weddings that are creative, quirky and fun, but above all, the best weddings are the ones that are unique and special to you! So wherever you are, give me a shout on my contact page, and let’s see what we can work out! Whilst I am primarily a London wedding photographer, I love to travel and see new places – and photograph you in them!

21 responses to “Best of 2013

  1. Simply beautiful Kat! What a year, I love your colours.

  2. Beautiful work Kat. I love the sense of fun that comes across in a lot if your images. Lovely.

  3. Beautiful year Katharine. I still really love the Dr Who shoot.

  4. Love! You’ve shot some really exciting looking weddings and have an amazing eye. My personal favourites were the pregnant couple next to the ‘homemade’ cover and the couple in the field with the red balloon. Awesome 🙂

  5. Wow,just love the colours! what an amazing year you’ve had 🙂

  6. So good. Your 2013 was clearly amazing. I love your style and the way u shoot a wedding, so perfect and simple…. It transmits the vibe of the day so well and let’s the events speak for themselves. Pure awesome home gurl. I seriously can not wait to see what u come up with for 2014.

  7. Awe man, Kat. You rocked this year. And the weddings you photographed had SO much style. I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for you.

  8. What an awesome looking year. So many great looking weddings and great photos. I am sure your going to have a smashing 2014.

  9. SO MANY great images here Kat! You had an awesome 2013! Super loved this one especially:

  10. 2013 was a swoon worthy year indeed!! So much goodness in this post. I can not wait to see what 2014 holds for you! xo

  11. Your photos are always such a hoot! I laughed out loud as soon as I saw the first one. What fun you must be to work with!

  12. What a lovely year you have had. So many great shots in there, I can’t even pick a fav!

  13. I love the way you see the world, just so many wonderful, and slightly crazy moments!

  14. Beautiful eye. Congrats on a great year!

  15. so much character, beauty and joy in these photos! they’re so distinctly you… looks like you had a fantastic year! best of luck in 2014 🙂

  16. this is my favorite kind of posts…you had an amazing year, just keep the good work…

  17. Whoa. Keep doing whatever you do to attract the fashionable, fun clients. Love the colors and style and your well-chosen backdrops. And the dreamy contrast of brides in snowy scenes. Standing O!

  18. Just awesome, I love the warmth and the vibrancy of your photos! Gorgeousness.

  19. Beautiful work Kat. I love how imaginative and playful your work is. x

  20. Seems like you had an amazing year Kat – gorgeous shots 🙂 x

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