London Engagement Photography – Woodland Fantasy Engagement Shoot {Thora & Peter}

Fantasy engagement shoot




Alternative Engagement shoot

I photographed this fantasy engagement shoot for Thora and Peter last summer, but in the craziness of the busy season, I forgot to blog it! Which is ridiculous of me, because they are So. Damn. Cool. Their wedding is this May and I can hardly wait! It’s going to be epic.

We started off with some fantasy roleplaying stuff in the woods, and then headed out into the open (after they’d changed outfits behind a tree!) and finished up on a gorgeous lookout pint with London in the distance.

See you guys in May! Eeek!

Fantasy themed engagement shoot

London Wedding Photographer – Winter Wedding at The Swan at the Globe {Helen & Owen}

Wedding at Shakespeare's Globe





Winter Swan at the Globe Wedding in London

New Year’s Eve usually finds me in my pyjamas, watching a movie (or three!) until the fireworks come on tv at midnight, and then rock ‘n rolling it off to bed at 12:05am. Because I’m cool like that. But when Owen and Helen contacted me about photographing their New Year’s Eve wedding, I thought, “What a fab idea!”. I don’t know if it’s just me, but New Year’s Eve parties always end up being a bit of a let-down. But by throwing your wedding on New Year’s, you’re guaranteeing an amazing party for both yourself and your friends! And, incidentally, for your not-so-rock ‘n roll photographer. 😛 Plus I still got home before midnight! Epic wins all round.

Helen and Owen chose The Swan at the Globe wedding venue for their winter wedding ceremony and party. With the dusky Thames and London skyline outside the window, and lots of candles and winter greens for decoration, it felt so magical. Later on, after dark, we popped out for some couple portraits along the river, and of course, outside Shakespeare’s Globe, which is so freaking fabulous I have to keep reminding myself that I actually live in the same city as it! Luckily it wasn’t too freezing, though Helen was a trooper in her sleeveless wedding dress, posing away on the riverbank, while my second shooter Paola and I were wearing our coats. But it was totally worth it for those photos!

Thanks for being such a fun, chilled out, happy couple, Helen and Owen! Weddings like yours make my year. xx

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Alternative Wedding Inspiration – Classic Art Deco Glamour meets Valentine’s Day {A Coocouture shoot}

Art Deco wedding inspiration





Just a little bit of Art Deco Wedding Valentine’s Day loveliness from a styled photoshoot I did with the Coocouture team! This was featured on Bespoke Bride too – thanks, guys! Credits at the end of the post. xx

Valentines Wedding London


I’ve borrowed the text from Bespoke Bride to explain everyone’s contributions!

Gwenda Of Bohotanical

“For Valentine’s Day 2016, we decided to take on a glamorous, Art Deco Vaudeville theme – think Broadway, bright lights, dancers and just a touch of hedonism! Needless to say, we gave it our usual OTT spin and fortunately, we were joined by some wonderful additional suppliers who helped the vision come to life. Melissa from The Sweet Hostess provided the stunning sequin linen, the sugar swizzle sticks and little silver birds for Lau’s cake, which complement our ever so slightly excessive use of feathers throughout the styling! Inspired by the marquee lighting of Broadway, I dreamed of illuminating the shoot in style, and who better to do this than Eirini and Nathan from Illuminography?! Their letters, hearts and mirrors consolidated the theme to perfection.

For my part, the logistics of getting to the shoot that day meant that artificial flowers were the only sensible kind to use. I’m very fond of using good quality faux blooms for lots of reasons, but in this case, it allowed me to feature peonies and poppies (the latter in a shade that Mother Nature neglected to provide!), otherwise out of season and/or extortionately priced! Many couples who are having a Winter wedding are extra budget conscious, so silks are a great way of obtaining a luxe-look for less.”

Kat of Kat Forsyth Photography

“Working with the gorgeous styling and beautiful model, Megan, I didn’t have much to do beyond making sure the photos illustrated that! But we made sure to utilise some classic vaudeville/art deco style poses to get the mood across! Aside from that, all that was needed was a clean, white edit to evoke the classic black and white feeling of that period, while still being in colour.”

Lau of Frenchmade

“For the cake, on the middle tier, we used a mix Art Deco style silver and gold decorations as well as pearls, diamante ribbon. The other two tiers were covered in flaked coconut for a feathery effect.”

Anneke of Retromorphosist

“Megan’s long thick tresses was styled into a wild faux bob. I kept it relatively unstructured so that it translates as a more relaxed and contemporary style. Eye Makeup is soft and smokey with shimmering tones of bronze and gold – skin is glowing, creating a sultry, yet natural look.”

Marsha of Marsha Hall Handmade Shoes

“I absolutely loved the theme for this shoot. By concentrating on the elegance and glamour of the dancers of the early 20th Century with the sexiness of glimpses of flesh through beautifully adorned fabrics and feathers, I chose to use a luxurious metallic gold leather, alongside beautiful white feathers that were individually selected and attached one by one overlaying them to create a fanned effect. I chose to make a two part peep toe style for it’s elegance in revealing glimpses of the foot”

Karen of Karen Dornellie

“The theme for this shoot made me jump with joy as Art Deco is my fav era and couldn’t wait to get cracking on this dress. Trouble was I had too many ideas!!! I loved the colour choice of white this time round and wanted to definitely add marabou feathers and a lot of diamante bling. I tried to capture the glamour of the era and used a very soft drapey fabric for the main body and added a subtle crinkle,glitter organdy for the top layer. Then it was a case of trimming it in the gold mounted diamante. I did get carried away by adding everywhere including to the super long romantic veil and the tiara, which was a new direction for me. I loved this theme and once the other guys added their magic, it all looks beyond gorgeous.”

Lou of Beyond Vintage

“The stationery was based on geometric patterns of the 1930s, mixed with typographic styles from the era and foiled with a matt silver. The champagne glitter band gives the elegance and glamour of the era. For the tableware I pulled the vintage silver cutlery and cut glasswear from the collection along with silver candlesticks, simple but elegant. The drinks trolley was an ideal host for the vintage cut glass champagne saucers and silver bottles, a perfect drinks station to welcome guests.”

Megan the model

“I had such a fun time at this photo shoot. The vintage aspect of it made it all that more enjoyable and experiencing the hair, makeup and clothing of the 1920’s was really cool. The team that I worked with were amazing and so friendly and I couldn’t have asked for a better day.”

… and we couldn’t have asked for a better model – complete perfection!

The Coocouturiers are:

Gwenda of Bohotanical // Kat of Kat Forsyth Photography // Lau of Frenchmade // Anneke of Retromorphosist // Marsha of Marsha Hall Handmade Shoes // Karen of Karen Dornellie // Lou of Beyond Vintage //Also joined by… Melissa of The Sweet Hostess // Eirini & Nathan of Illuminography //

Alternative Wedding Photography – Highlights of 2016


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North London Wedding Photography – Halloween Wedding at Stephens House {Kat & Nick}

Halloween wedding confetti



North London Wedding Photography

Kat and Nick had a fabulous Halloween wedding on Halloween weekend this year! Stephens House & Gardens in Finchley, North London provided the perfect backdrop, as it was already all dressed up for Halloween, complete with a haunted basement, ooooh. Plus it’s pretty fabulous getting home within 15 minutes – I love photographing North London weddings as they’re so close to where I live in High Barnet, so please come find me and have me shoot yours!

I loved all the black and orange decor at Kat and Nick’s wedding – it was quirky and fun without being remotely cheesy or costume-party-ish, and the guests had an absolute blast! I was only with them for a few hours, but here are some highlights of the day – including Kat and her bridesmaids arriving in police cars which were, of course, decked out for Halloween, complete with all sorts of skeletons, severed limbs and creepy crawlies inside, as well as a tour of Stephen House’s haunted basement.

Also, I have to give them props for the excellent deluge of brightly-coloured confetti – resulting in one of my favourite confetti photos ever! And also to Kat and her bridesmaids for showing that the bride and bridesmaids can wear black to a wedding and look absolutely sensational. White, shmite! And also, vintage-styled hair! *hearts for eyes*

This was so AWESOME. Thank you so much, Kat and Nick!

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