Camden Pub Wedding at the Prince Albert {Isla & Lauren}


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Lauren and Isla were married (although it’s still called a civil ceremony, but whatever, it’s married to me!) on yet another of the boiling hot days London has been rejoicing (read: melting) in this summer! They held the ceremony at Marylebone Town Hall, and then we all trundled off in a big red London bus to a gorgeous little pub in Camden, called The Prince Albert (which I adore!). Lauren and Isla wanted a very chilled, relaxed party for their reception, and they achieved it beautifully! I was also a little bit overexcited about their decor and details – the book geek in me LOVED their love-themed Penguin book cover table names, the word nerd bit of me adored their scrabble wedding cake and place-names, and the ridiculously awesome invitations made me very happy indeed (note: there are Virginia Woolf in-jokes). Also, Lauren had Harry Potter shoes. Achievement unlocked, and Wedding Managed.

Also, see their fun engagement photos here!

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© Kat Forsyth, Camden Wedding Photographer

22 responses to “Camden Pub Wedding at the Prince Albert {Isla & Lauren}

  1. What a lovely wedding – and beautifully captured too, awesome work as always Kat.

  2. Loving these Kat! what a great wedding and the pictures are simply stunning. The Prince Albert is the sister/brother pub to the Adam & Eve where Leah and I got married. Great minds obviously think alike.

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  18. Mary Smith

    You can almost see the love in the air. Stunning photos.

  19. wow… what a beautiful couple! so much love in these photos. Great job!

  20. i have goosebumps looking at these images. they are so beautiful and the wedding is so lovely.

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