Pregnancy photos | Couple Session at South Bank {Carina & Abrie}

Maternity photos London

Carina and Abrie are South African expats living in London like myself, and they’re expecting their first baby any day now! They wanted some pregnancy photos to remember this special time in their lives, and to be able to share it with all their family and friends back home. Carina is such an adorable pregnant person, with the cutest baby bump (I don’t know why baby bumps are cute, but they ARE), and she and Abrie are so excited about their new arrival! We took their photos all along Southbank, starting near the Houses of Parliament and all the way down to London Bridge.


Carina-Maternity-5 Carina-Maternity-7 Carina-Maternity-12 Carina-Maternity-22 Carina-Maternity-26 Carina-Maternity-30 Carina-Maternity-34 Carina-Maternity-38 Carina-Maternity-45 Carina-Maternity-51 Carina-Maternity-54 Carina-Maternity-60 Carina-Maternity-62 Carina-Maternity-68 Carina-Maternity-69

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  1. Love the shots in the field – I love the contrast of the yellow backdrop.