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West Sussex Wedding Photographer – Colourful Backyard Wedding {Philippa & Glen}

Rainbow bouquet wedding


West Sussex Wedding Photographer

An explosion of colour, and laughter. And FUN. And more laughter. And love. And even more laughter. That’s what I remember most from Philippa and Glen’s fantastic church and backyard wedding in West Sussex this summer!

Philippa came to me via a referral from one of my previous brides, Charlie (hi, Charlie and Simon!). She loved the bright colours in my photos, and as a result decided to BRING IT on the colourfulness in her and Glen’s wedding! I was really touched when they told me they’d done this because of me. And of course, I was in my element, because I adore colour! So everywhere I looked there were coloured paper lanterns, coloured ribbons, coloured umbrellas, different coloured flowers for each table…even the junior bridesmaids wore different colour ribbon sashes and carried different colour bouquets. And Philippa’s bouquet was the best of all, being a full-on rainbow explosion!

The ceremony was held in church, and then everyone drove to Philippa’s parents’ gorgeous house, where a marquee had been set up in the garden and decorated with coloured bunting, haybales, photos of the happy couple, and everything else I’ve just mentioned in the “I love colour” section!

I’d met Philippa and Glen a few months before the wedding for their London engagement photography session, so I knew they were a super sweet couple and very much in love, but it was so wonderful to see them interacting on the day with so much love and happiness! I kept catching them having sweet little moments together, as well as having an awesome time laughing uproariously with their crazy fun guests. Shoutout to the friends and family of Glen and Philippa, you guys made it outrageously easy to get the “people having fun” photos that they wanted!

Big thanks to my fab second shooter (as always!), Heline Bekker!


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Rainbow wedding bouquet

rainbow wedding cake

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colourful wedding bunting

haybales at wedding

Fun wedding photographer

Quirky wedding photography

Quirky wedding photographer

Guests having fun at wedding

Fun wedding speeches toasts

Smoke grenades at wedding

smoke bombs at Sussex wedding

yellow smoke bombs wedding

Garden marquee first dance wedding


© Kat Forsyth, West Sussex Wedding Photographer

Buckinghamshire Wedding Photographer – Chicheley Hall Wedding {Jane & Matt}

Sunny afternoon wedding at Chicheley Hall wedding


Earlier this year, I got a phonecall from Jane. “Hello,” she said, “I just wanted to check that you’re as bonkers as I am before we hire you to shoot our wedding!” 😀 Well, that was the gist of it, anyway! After I’d stopped laughing I assured her I absolutely was, and so they booked me! Yes! I’m always excited to work with nutters like myself. 🙂 So Jane and Matt’s phenomenally fun and chilled out wedding went off perfectly last month, with me documenting every silly face-pull, belly laugh, and nap in the sun (yes, that happened). There were also dinosaurs, food stalls from four different countries – India, America, Italy, and of course, good olde Englande – a treasure hunt, deck chairs, space hoppers, giant ludo, and all sorts of other garden games. Jane and Matt wanted their guests to have a fun, relaxed afternoon garden party, and it worked SO WELL. Even I felt like I was a guest at the party instead of working!

There were so many fabulous little touches. I loved that Jane borrowed a tiny lego figurine from each of Matt’s sons to put in her bouquet. The speeches took place in the sun on the lawn outside Chicheley Hall wedding venue, and there were no tables or place-settings – everyone just helped themselves to food from the national food stalls, and found a deckchair or a comfy spot on the grass to feast! Apparently the Chicheley Hall wedding staff were a bit taken aback by Jane and Matt’s original requests at first, but then they totally got into the spirit of it all, and had a blast making everything from curry to pizza to fish and chips! When the band arrived (Heathen – they were EXCELLENT), they decided to set up on the lawn as well, and with the sun setting behind them, that’s where Jane and Matt had their first dance – after Jane and all her hen party friends had done The Macarena, of course!

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Hertfordshire Wedding Photography – Laura Ashley Hotel Wedding {Laura & Jack}

wedding photographer London


Laura Ashley Hotel Wedding, Hertfordshire

Laura has the BEST expressions. Fact. Mostly glee and joy and “OMG I can’t believe this is finally happening!” And Jack, despite saying he’d be nervous with a camera on him, couldn’t stop grinning all day. I love how excited these two were to be getting married!

Laura and Jack booked me absolute ages ago, so far back, in fact, that I didn’t even have any 2016 weddings booked yet, let alone any others for 2017! However, I totally appreciate the fact that they knew what they wanted and sorted it all out as soon as they decided! It was such a wonderful day and we all had so much fun. I’m all about my couples having heaps of fun on their wedding day! It’s literally all I want. 🙂

I’ve photographed a few weddings at the Laura Ashley Hotel Wedding and conference venue in Elmstree near Borehamwood before, and it’s lovely there. (See Jodie & Chris’ mod 60s wedding and Julie & Rich’s rainy one) Tons of natural light in the ceremony and reception rooms, and a gorgeous big garden for photos! (And a field for me to make my couples wander into). This day was warm and sunny, but away from the building it was windy as all get out,  and Laura’s veil went absolutely crazy (and I went absolutely crazy for how pretty it looked!). So thank you, Laura, for putting up with me making you stand in the wind!

Every single person at Laura and Jack’s wedding was full of smiles all day, and between their excitement and a plethora of gorgeous tiny babies (the best man’s new daughter was only a week old!), as well as children having a whale of a time, I was in my element! Thanks to my fabulous second shooter, Natalie, for coming along with me and taking such fantastic photos. Some of the below are hers!

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Surrey Wedding Photography – Smallfield Place Wedding {Thora & Peter}

Quirky wedding photographer London


Thora and Peter were married at Smallfield Place wedding venue in Surrey, and all I can say is WOW. The most fun wedding day everrrrrrr!

You might remember Thora and Peter from their kickass woodland fantasy engagement photos, so I already knew their wedding would be super fun! When I arrived at Smallfield Place in the morning, I was met by a bevy of excited bridesmaids with vintage-styled hair and fun rockabilly dresses, and one bridesman in a kilt! My friend Anneke from Retromorphosist was just putting the finishing touches to Thora’s epic Game of Thrones themed hairdo and makeup (hooray for red lipstick!), and then it was off in a London wedding routemaster bus to the wedding ceremony at the Croydon Minster (where Peter’s Aunt officiated the marriage, keeping it a wonderfully family affair).

After the ceremony, everyone piled back on the wedding bus to go back to Smallfield Place wedding venue, and that’s when the fun truly began! Thora and Peter didn’t want a traditional wedding celebration: instead, they envisioned an afternoon of fun and games in the sunny gardens, with everyone having a whale of a time, lots of snacks and tasty treats, but no sit-down formal dinner or speeches or anything like that. To this end, they organised giant chess, giant jenga, table tennis, croquet and a bouncy castle, all of which were utilised from start to finish! But the most fun EVER was had by the guests who took part in the team games – Peter and Thora devised some pretty epic tasks for them to accomplish, which included composing a song and a limerick for the bride and groom, crossing the lawn without touching the ground, jumping on the bouncy castle and getting everyone in a group shot, and spelling out a word using only your bodies. It was BRILLIANT to photograph the guests getting thoroughly involved in the game – and being incredibly competitive, which I totally appreciated. 🙂

So many thanks to this awesome quirky couple for being amazing and having your wedding day your way! I loved it!

And thanks as always to my lovely second shooter, Heline Bekker (aka my partner in silliness).

Black & white photo of bride having her make-up done

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Oxfordshire Wedding Photography – Aynhoe Park Wedding {Shauna & Nathan}

giraffe at aynhoe park wedding





Quirky wedding at Aynhoe Park wedding venue

Aynhoe Park wedding venue in Oxfordshire is basically every wedding photographer’s dream venue to shoot at, so when my friend Debs Ivelja from Cornwall mentioned she needed a second shooter for a wedding there, I was pretty much like a kid in a school class, jumping up and down with my hand raised, yelling, “Pick me! Pick me!” And luckily she wasn’t weirded out by my craziness, and said yes.

Aynhoe Park has a gorgeous old church attached to the grounds, where Shauna and Nathan’s ceremony was held, and after that there was a mad dash through the rain – which disappeared almost immediately – and into the house itself, to introduce everyone to the craziness that is the interior. A polar bear in a cap and aviator goggles, an alligator holding out a welcome tray like the most prim and proper butler, a lion wearing (of course) a crown,  a unicorn sculpture, a floating giraffe held up by balloons, and more statues and sculptures than you could care to count – Aynhoe Park is utterly bonkers and yet stylish as hell. You can read all about its history here.

Shauna and Nathan are a stylish couple with a bit of quirkiness, so the venue suited them perfectly. We did photos all over the place – why would you not? – from the interior of the house, to the charming village streets outside, and finally back to the front of the house, with its huge metal sculpture. The meal was served in a long series of rooms presided over by the the King Lion, and the speeches were probably my favourite part of the whole day (well, aside from the bonkers taxidermy :-)); Shauna’s Dad is hilarious and had everyone in stitches.

Debs, thank you so much for inviting me along to be your second shooter at this Aynhoe Park wedding! I’ve been dreaming about shooting there for years, and now my bucket list venue number one can now be crossed off the list!

Bride getting ready at Aynhoe Park in the mirror Bride and flowergirl getting ready at Aynhoe Park bridal suite Groomsmen at local pub before wedding Church attached to Aynhoe Park wedding venue Bridesmaids in pink dresses outside church Bride and bridesmaids walking down the aisle at Aynhoe Park church Bride and groom at the altar Bride groom first kiss at wedding Guests outside Aynhoe Park Confetti at Aynhoe Park wedding shades of pink bridal bouquet Candid photo of wedding guests laughing reportage photos of wedding guests at Aynhoe Park Alligator at Aynhoe Park Polar Bear at Aynhoe Park Cocktail hour at Aynhoe Park wedding Floating giraffe at Aynhoe Park wedding Photojournalism wedding photography Guests taking selfie with giraffe at Aynhoe Park Balloons and floating stuffed giraffe at Aynhoe Park Happy bride wedding day Excited bridesmaid at wedding at Aynhoe Park Champagne being poured at wedding Natural wedding photography at Aynhoe Park Bridesmaids and wedding couple outside Aynhoe Park Table decor at Aynhoe Park with pink flowers Unicorn heads mounted at Aynhoe Park Lion in a crown at Aynhoe Park wedding wedding flowers at Aynhoe Park wedding wedding portraits amongst the Aynhoe Park sculptures London Wedding photographer Exterior of Aynhoe Park Beautiful couple portraits in front of blue door Wedding photo in Cotswolds village street wedding photo in Aynhoe Park metal sculpture Bride and groom entering reception wedding photographers London You me bum bum train sign at Aynhoe Park Candid guests laughing at wedding Aynhoe Park wedding reception Fun wedding photography Jazz musician next to polar bear at Aynhoe Park Dance floor at Aynhoe Park with purple lighting