Chiara and David: Engagement


Chiara and David are So Much Fun.  Seriously, with capital letters. They are getting married at Shepstone Gardens next month, and they wanted a funky, brightly-coloured location for their engagement shoot as a contrast to Shepstone’s secret garden feel. So we hit up Newtown and went crazy. At the end we went to the Mandela Bridge, and the light was just AMAZING, with the most fantastically wicked thunderclouds over town. I went crazy for it. Luckily David and Chiara are pretty crazy themselves (in the best way), and they thought it was awesome too. I had a blast with you guys; can’t wait for your wedding next weekend!


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Soooo… this sweet couple were just enjoying chillin’ in Newtown, when who should show up but…BIZARRO.

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No…the evil!

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And who best to defeat the evil Bizarro…?

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Superman! (Did I mention these two are FUN, or what?)

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We went to a nearby street, where a bunch of guys were practising their skateboarding.

Loved this!

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And then on to the Mandela Bridge. The sun was shining happily on the right of the picture, which is why they’re so lit up in front of the black clouds. I died of awesome overload.

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Which is why I was lying down for this picture: 🙂

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My favourite:

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29 responses to “Chiara and David: Engagement

  1. I love love love this! Great photos and love the couple’s playfulness! xxx

  2. Cristelle Snyman

    ABSOLUTELY amazing Kat! I can’t even choose a favourite this time, I love them all! Can’t wait to have a photoshoot with you someday!!! xxx

  3. And this is why you rock as a photographer! Divine, divine pics.

  4. LOVE the bridge ones 🙂

  5. Great photos Kat

  6. Totally cool! Cannot wait for their wedding next week Saturday!

  7. Totally awesome just like David and Chiara or is it Chiara and David. Not ure and very difficult to define.

  8. To quote David: I am blinded by the sheer awesomeness. Well done guys. More poof that you (and this photographer, clearly) belong together.

  9. Awesome set. Love the Superman photos!

  10. Absolutely stunning Kat!! I laughed at the superman t-shirt 🙂 too cool!

  11. This must be the most fun couple ive ever seen! Love the red wall, love the superman, love all of it!!

  12. The superman thing is very clever. It tells a great story.

  13. OMG love the superman shots haha they make me laugh! Great set! 🙂

  14. Such a fun collection of pictures! Absolutely beautiful!

  15. where have i seen there’s before? there so much fun!

  16. I am also dying of awesome overload. Awesome awesome awesome! I loved the entire set!

  17. Love the Superman! Great use of light.

  18. Awesome set! They must be such a fun couple. Great work 🙂

  19. Superman falls for Marilyn Monroe in her flirty dress! So fun!!!!

  20. Looking forward to the wedding! Love the superman pics.

  21. What a fun couple this is really great.. lots of funny, cute shots with this sessions I’m sure they’re excited for the wedding.

  22. These are all kinds of awesome Kat! Great work!

  23. Andy Rapkins

    These are EXACTLY what engagement photos should be: fun and romantic. Put a smile on my face. Great use of locations, props, posing and processing. Having a cute couple who look totally in love helps as well. Brilliant stuff.

  24. these are so fun! I love the colors. and the storm clouds- amazing!!!

  25. Those bridge shots are epic!! Wonderful job, I love the unique angles and the post work.

  26. What fun! The parasol, that red wall, the dress, the Superman outfit… Great job!

  27. Lynn Michelle

    Ok, these are super fun. Love.

  28. Wow Kat you are right – awesome overload!

  29. wow what a beautifull couple make ya want to fall in love lol hugs Jaya