Kent Wedding Photography – Chiddingstone Castle Wedding in Kent {Lydia & Elmar}

Chiddingstone Castle Wedding

Chiddingstone Castle Wedding Photographer

Lydia and Elmar’s gorgeous (and chilly) Chiddingstone Castle wedding in Kent was one I second shot for my friend Heline Bekker earlier this year. E & L are friends of hers from church, and it’s always extra special photographing the wedding of friends. Even though I didn’t meet them until the day, both they and all their friends and family made me feel just as welcome as if I had known them for ages!

The day started off with the legal ceremony inside Chiddingstone Castle, and then the guys went for lunch at a pub (it’s much simpler for guys, isn’t it?) while Lydia changed from her stylish, vintage-inspired white dress suit, into an even more stylish, absolute stunner of a beaded wedding gown for the wedding blessing in front of all their guests. This was held outside at Chiddingstone’s Orangery, a beautiful stone pavilion in the gardens of the castle, and despite the icy May day, everyone had an amazing time singing their hearts out and being present to witness their friends being married.

Lydia and Elmar were so happy the whole day they didn’t stop giggling or smiling at all, which is exactly the way I like it, and totally warms the cockles of my heart. 🙂 Look how excited Lydia is in the first few pictures of their legal ceremony below! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: being thrilled and happy and present in the moment is THE best way to get beautiful wedding photos that can’t help but remind you of a fantastic moment in your lives.

Wedding Chiddingstone Castle Kent Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-3 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-4

Look how pretty! Chiddingstone castle wedding venue is so lovely.

Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-6 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-7 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-8 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-10 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-12 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-15 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-17 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-18 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-20 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-21 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-22 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-24 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-27 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-28 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-30 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-31 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-32 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-33 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-36 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-38

This tree full of pink blossoms totally made my day. Pink overhead, with bluebells at our feet – Heline and I were spoiled for choice for photo spots!

Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-42 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-44 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-45 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-46 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-49 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-50 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-53 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-55 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-57 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-61 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-62 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-63 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-64 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-67 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-70 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-73 Chiddingstone-Castle-Wedding-Kent-75

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  1. What a stunning venue and such beautiful surroundings too! Amazing pictures of their special day 🙂