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 Museum of the Order of St John Wedding

Remember Mandy and James from their fun engagement session? Well, they got married this month! Their ceremony was at the gorgeous Museum of the Order of St John in the most beautiful room, and then after gallivanting around Clerkenwell for some fun group and couple photos, we walked over to The Chiswell Street Dining Rooms, picking up wedding guest stragglers – and forward-thinking ones – who’d gone ahead to sneak in a pint or two at some of the pubs along the way! Basically, a LOT of fun was had by all; it was rather hilarious seeing guests coming out of the woodwork at every pub we passed!

The whole wedding day was incredibly fun, thanks largely to Mandy’s super awesome bridesmaids (one of whom convinced Mandy to climb into a shopping trolley, and then squeezed in, too), and the fact that M& J are great people with lots of fun friends, too! The dancing area had TWISTER, which just about made my day – unfortunately I left before it was utilised by anyone other than babies, but I hope some epic fun was had!

Mandy and James, thank you so much for inviting me to photograph your wedding! xx


Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-1 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-3 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-6 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-8 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-10 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-12 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-15 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-16 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-20 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-22 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-27 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-28 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-30 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-32 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-33 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-36 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-38 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-39 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-42 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-44 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-46 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-47 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-49 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-52 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-56 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-59 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-62 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-63 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-64 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-66 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-69 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-73 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-75 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-78 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-80 Clerkenwell-Wedding-London-Mandy-James-83

And thanks to my second shooter Karolina from PNM Weddings!


© Kat Forsyth, Museum of the Order of St John Wedding


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