Enchanting bridal headwear from Ellsewhere Bride

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Natalie (the immensely talented designer and creator of Ellsewhere) needed some photos to showcase her new bridal headpieces, and when I saw her fantastic collection I was more than happy to oblige! Have a look at her website: she not only makes beautiful headwear, but also the coolest animal masks I’ve ever seen, eerily real prosthetics, and adorable little steampunkish monsters. Love it all!

The dresses we used are by the lovely Charlotte of Wilden Bride, and Natalie and Mel (our gorgeous model) did Mel’s hair and make-up themselves. Oh, multi-talented people; I love them.

London Wedding Photographer Ellsewhere-0144 Ellsewhere-0167 Ellsewhere-0183 Ellsewhere-0192 Ellsewhere-0215 Ellsewhere-0243 Ellsewhere-0280 Ellsewhere-0358 Ellsewhere-0385 Ellsewhere-0423 Ellsewhere-0507 Ellsewhere-0575 Ellsewhere-0668 Ellsewhere-0673 Ellsewhere-0760 Ellsewhere-0807 Ellsewhere-0810 Ellsewhere-0882 Ellsewhere-0954 Ellsewhere-1142 Ellsewhere-1176 Ellsewhere-1225 Ellsewhere-1257 Ellsewhere-1326 Ellsewhere-1342 Ellsewhere-1391

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11 responses to “Enchanting bridal headwear from Ellsewhere Bride

  1. These are fabulous! What a lovely project. I really enjoy the ones with her bare feet!

  2. Those are all flippin’ gorgeous. I can’t even come close to deciding which my favorite(s) are. Beautiful work, Kat!

  3. beautiful, really beautiful Kat.

  4. Everything about this rocks!

  5. Really great photos of such lovely pieces! Great work.

  6. i really love the beginning of the session. <3 very dreamy + ethereal.

  7. Whoa, stunning headwear! I want to own some and I’m not quite a bride yet, haha!

  8. Love that first shot with the backlighting and flare – just gorgeous.

  9. absolutely gorgeous bride, and I love her dress too!

  10. The photos are perfection! Such lovely pieces and the dress, looks so gorgeous on her! Love it!