Engagement in Epping Forest, North London {Isla & Lauren}

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Lauren and Isla are getting married in July in London, so they suggested Epping Forest as a contrast for their pre-wedding session. It was the windiest of windy days, threatening rain the entire time, but I freaking love big black clouds in my photos, so I embraced it all! 🙂

I love pre-wedding photo shoots.  It’s such a good opportunity to get to know each other, and for the couple to get comfortable in front of the camera, and with the way I work (which is minimal direction, trying to keep everything as natural as possible). My biggest aim with all my couple shoots is to capture smiles and love and happiness, and I think I totally succeeded with Lauren and Isla! We also ended up chatting on the walk and the train back into central London, and discovered that we have all sorts of things in common, which is always fantastic. Lauren and I both used to work in bookshops, and we had more stories than we could ever share about crazy customers! Isla is as obsessed with Smash as I am, and we all love The Princess Bride, discovering that we even attended the same Quote-Along event at the Prince Charles Theatre in London last year! And they’re using some of the music in their wedding, which is brilliant, and will make me teary. 🙂

Lauren-Isla-Engagement-1 Lauren-Isla-Engagement-2 Lauren-Isla-Engagement-9 Lauren-Isla-Engagement-11 Lauren-Isla-Engagement-17 Lauren-Isla-Engagement-22 Lauren-Isla-Engagement-24 Lauren-Isla-Engagement-28 Lauren-Isla-Engagement-36 Lauren-Isla-Engagement-37 Lauren-Isla-Engagement-44


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