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Naomi and Eric are completely adorable. They first contacted me as a London engagement photographer to do a pre-wedding session for them around London, but I ended up being booked to photograph their elopement in Cambridge later this month, too! Naomi and Eric are both Americans who have been living in the UK for a while, but after their wedding they’re going back home, so they wanted to have some great photographic memories of Cambridge, where they live, and London, because, well, it’s LONDON. 🙂

We started off the afternoon at Peggy Porschen’s darling pink cupcake shop near Victoria, and then hopped on a tube and went over to South Bank for the rest of the photo session. The light was gorgeous and so were Eric and Naomi, so a beautiful time was had. 🙂

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11 responses to “Engagement photo shoot in London {Naomi & Eric} – London Engagement Photographer

  1. Marvelous. I like the relaxed style.

  2. lovely interactions between the two of them.

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