Got a question? Have a look through this!


We’ve never done this before…so what exactly do you do on the day?

Aside from being an invisible photo ninja, you mean? :-)

Seriously, I do try to be as stealth-like as possible during the ceremony and speeches, when the focus really shouldn’t be on anyone but you! The rest of the time (while you’re getting ready or having your fun couple photos done) I try to be like just another friend hanging out with you, except that I take pretty pictures too. I’m a naturally enthusiastic and chatty person, and I love weddings, so expect me to arrive and be super excited by your dress, your hair, your shoes, and all that stuff! I’ll even be excited about your snacks! (sometimes for photo purposes, and sometimes just because I think they look yummy).

Wedding ring photoOm nom nom.


We’re afraid we’re going to be super awkward in front of the camera. Do you pose us? We don’t want boring/traditional photos, but we need some help!

The feel of my photos is very natural and fun, so that’s the look I go for when I photograph you. I don’t pose you like it’s Next Top Model, that’s for sure! What I do is direct you, but as little as I can. If I see a great backdrop, I might say, “Go stand over there, and hold hands, bodies facing me.” If that looks good to me (and it usually does, because you’re better at this than you think you are), then I snap away. Then I’ll change your positions and carry on. It really is as easy as that! All I want you to do is concentrate on the ridiculous fact that you just MARRIED the fantastic person you’re with, and everything else will just fall into place.


We think we need practise so we don’t freak out on the wedding day! Can we do an engagement shoot?

Um, yes please. I love engagement shoots (or any couple shoots, really!). You get this amazing, relaxed time together, where you don’t have to rush because dinner is being served in twenty minutes, and we all just chat and get to know each other. Plus you can tell me about the wedding plans! (Did I mention I get excited about weddings?)

I don’t include an engagement session with all my wedding packages, simply because some people just aren’t keen to do it. But I love to do them, so if you’d like to take the wedding day pressure off a bit, do have one! Plus you can use the photos in your wedding – as table names, for the guestbook, or even printed out extra large to cover some…well, fugly paintings in the reception hall (yes, I’ve seen that done!).


We see you’re based in London. What happens if our wedding isn’t?

Then you’ll get “Ooh-I-love-seeing-new-places” Kat! And, hey, I didn’t grow up in the UK, so going anywhere is an adventure for me. If it’s very far and I won’t be able to get home that night, I’ll need a place to stay. And if it’s freakishly, ridiculously far, I’ll need a place to stay the night before, too. I am not deterred by this! My kitty will be just fine with my husband there to cater to his every whim. In fact, please save me from my kitty. He’s a monster.

Photos_for_facebook_039Can you see the evil behind his eyes?


Can we meet you to make sure you exist?

Yes, of course! If you don’t live close enough to meet up in person, we can do a skype thing. I’m going to be around a LOT on your wedding day, so it would be nice if you like me, you really like me.


Do you edit all the photos? What exactly do you do when you edit them?

I don’t edit all the photos I take, but I do edit all the photos you get! I chuck out all the closed-eyes, drunk-eyes and crazy-eyes, any repeats or shots that just didn’t work, and then I go to work on the good stuff. And they all get edited to look like the pretty, colourful and quirky photos you see on my website. It’s just basically sharpening, colour contrasting and warming things up, but everything is edited the same. You won’t get any unedited pics!

Before After 2

Do you work with a second shooter?

I generally do, because it’s great to have someone else there, capturing things from different angles, or photographing one of you getting ready while I’m with the other. Plus it’s great to have someone to travel home with, and to eat with. :-) Which brings me to…


Do we need to feed you at the wedding?

If I’ve been there longer than 5 hours, or it’s after 8pm, then yes, please. I will love you forever. A hot meal is so amazing after a non-stop long day. I will love you forever. And a day.


Do you offer albums?

Yes! I have two options – a simple photographic album printed on matte photo paper, or a more fancy-shmancy one (the coffeetable album), with a host of cover options and colours. They are both square 12×12 albums, which I design myself and have printed through the suppliers. Click on the pics to see more!

Wedding Albums Wedding Album


Oh, you want to know more about me and what I like?

(I’m going to pretend you do, anyway.)

About Kat

I will be even more stoked than usual if you have any of these things in your wedding. Except my husband, because that would be creepy. Unless you’re a friend of ours and he’s a guest. But aside from that, you can’t have him! :-)

You also can’t have Gollum. His power is limited to my house; if he leaves, we could tear a rip in the very fabric of space and time, and start a chain reaction that could just possibly destroy the entire universe. (Granted, that’s a worst-case scenario).

But anything else awesome, you can do. In fact, here’s a little massive wedding photography related wishlist of things I would love to photograph:

1) A wedding in a theatre/cinema

2) A real Doctor Who themed wedding, or any kind of geektastic sci-fi/fantasy wedding. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, I’m in!

3) A super tattooed wedding, where you and your friends are all about your body art!

4) A retro, 50s wedding

5) An Alice in Wonderland/ Dr Seuss/ Roald Dahl inspired wedding

6) A wedding at Aynhoe Park, Pale & Interesting, The Icebar at Ice Hotel, The Asylum or anywhere ridiculously cool and different.

7) A wedding at any cool art gallery, a ruined Abbey, an outdoor rooftop or an aquarium!

7) A Day of the Dead themed wedding!

8) A hippy-camping-festival vibe wedding, where everyone stays overnight in tents, and you glue a giant moustache to your car (yes, that’s very specific. I guess I can do without the moustache if I have to).

9) A wedding where you wear non-traditional outfits (onesies, cosplay, the donkey from A Midsummer Night’s Dream – I’m up for all of it!)

10) An elopement somewhere quiet and beautiful, where it’s just the two of you.

11) I think this goes without saying, but a wedding outside England, anywhere awesome! I’ve photographed weddings in South Africa, Lesotho and Italy – I need to stretch my destination wedding photographer legs!


Any of the above would be kickass, but I’m always excited by new & fun ideas, so please lay them upon me. ;-)