Feather & Leather: Steampunk wedding inspiration shoot in a petrified forest

Steampunk Petrified Forest-4245 (2)

Today I get to share a fantastic shoot with you that I did last year with my usual partner-in-crime, Gwenda Jeffs from Fearless Florals. The shoot has since been featured on Marry Me Ink, one of my favourite UK wedding blogs (it combines weddings and tattoos, what’s not to love?), so here it is in all its peacocky steampunk glory!

In Gwenda’s words:

“I have always had a huge affinity with the Steampunk aesthetic and had been waiting for the right concept and collaborators to come along to create a shoot in this genre.

The peacock feather dress had spent time languishing in my wardrobe, waiting for it’s time to shine and, paired with a this was the perfect opportunity! Anneke of Retromorphosist took the colours of the feather as inspiration for her exquisite make-up and wrangled some rather uncooperative real feather lashes into place. She also expertly tamed an unruly wig into position allowing a top hat fascinator I made for the occasion to complete the outfit.

I used roses, hypericum, alstroemeria, waxflower and hydrangea combined with Cape Greens to create a colourful and heavily textured bouquet and table flowers.

The main feature of the table set-up was Lucie of Wonderland Bakery‘s amazing chocolate cake, standing tall as if fashioned from leather, ornamented with delicate sugar cogs. This masterpiece was accompanied with clock-face macarons and peacock feather detailed cupcakes.

They were probably the only aspects of the styling that did what they were told! The day of the shoot coincided with one of the late Autumn storms. Out in the fields of the Petrified Forest at Mundon, Essex, it was cold, windy and thoroughly miserable. The skirts of the dress were hell-bent on attaching themselves like Velcro to every surface, especially the sequin table cloth (one time when modelling and styling is a multi-tasking step too far). Claire Spake‘s fabulous clocks, butterflies and ‘Lock & Key’ garland were frequently snatched by the wind and resulted in an unexpected workout for those chasing after them.

But everyone pulled together and amidst much laughter and no small amount of swearing, it all came together. My thanks as always to the team (with special gratitude to Anneke for standing guard ready to catch me when the combination of high winds and high heels on a fallen tree trunk proved to be too much for my pathetic sense of balance!)

Steampunk Petrified Forest-3932 Steampunk Petrified Forest-3941 Steampunk Petrified Forest-3949 Steampunk Petrified Forest-3976 Steampunk Petrified Forest-4001 Steampunk Petrified Forest-4035 Steampunk Petrified Forest-4038 Steampunk Petrified Forest-4053 Steampunk Petrified Forest-4077 Steampunk Petrified Forest-4099 Steampunk Petrified Forest-4151 Steampunk Petrified Forest-4165 Steampunk Petrified Forest-4224 Steampunk Petrified Forest-4245 (2) Steampunk Petrified Forest-4270 (2) Steampunk Petrified Forest-4302 Steampunk Petrified Forest-4354 Steampunk Petrified Forest-4407



PHOTOGRAPHY – Kat Forsyth Photography
FLOWERS – Fearless Florals
HAIR AND MAKE UP – Retromorphosist
CAKE – Wonderland Bakery
BUSTLE – Dornellie
TOP HAT – Top Hats & Time Machines (Coming soon!)


2 responses to “Feather & Leather: Steampunk wedding inspiration shoot in a petrified forest

  1. Real Tim Walker feel to these.

  2. I have always loved the look of steampunk, but these portraits take it to a whole new level of epicness. Such gorgeous work Kat! 🙂