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Back in October 2015, I photographed the gorgeous wedding days (Yes, two! Hindu wedding at home and a civil ceremony at Northbrook Park wedding venue) of the fabulous Sumeet and Zohra. When I arrived on the first day at Sumeet’s parents’ house for the Hindu ceremony, I immediately fell in love with his awesome family, who were SO welcoming and excited and happy. So when Sumeet contacted me to let me know that his brother Sudheer was getting married, and would I photograph the wedding, the only possible answer was, “HELL YES!” It was all a bit last minute, as it was all dependant on Sudheer’s fiancee, Carli-Lyn, getting a visa in order to come over from America and get married! So on a ridiculously (and surprisingly) lovely Monday in March, we all met up at Froyle Park wedding venue in Hampshire for a day I knew would be excellent fun (especially having already met Sudheer, who is basically the family clown, and his Mum Sujata, who has pretty much the best laugh I’ve ever seen)! I was so excited to see the family again, and they were just as welcoming and happy to see me (I hope :P).

Sudheer and Carli had decided to do both their civil ceremony and Hindu ceremony on the same day, so we started off with the civil ceremony, after which everyone mingled about outside in the fab weather (this family really lucks out with great weather for their winter-ish weddings!) while the couple and some of the guests changed into epic Indian outfits. Then followed the epic dancing that I’d loved so much at Sumeet and Zohra’s wedding, and finally the Hindu ceremony, which I freaking love with all its colours and traditions and non-serious bits. Plus the priest who married Sudheer and Carli had also married Sumeet and Zohra two years before, as well as a number of other couples in the room (he had them all stand up), which made it even more special. His father had even married Sudheer’s parents!

After the ceremony we did some lovely golden light portraits (swoon!) and then it was time for an evening of hilarious speeches, amazing Indian food, and the most EPIC dancing! These guys know how to have fun! I’m only sorry there are only two Vermani brothers, so I can’t photograph another wedding with this family. But still, as Sudheer’s Mum said, there are always cousins and nieces and nephews…. 🙂

Thanks to my ever-wonderful second shooter, Heline Bekker.

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  1. OMG! Possibly my fave so far! Kat, every time I look at your photos, you seem to transport me! You have such a beautiful gift, and obviously a keen eye and technical know-how too!!! Superb xxx