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Eeek, Sam and Hannah are just the loveliest, sweetest people. I had such an amazing wedding weekend this past weekend, with two couples so in love and so full of joy to be getting married! That’s really all I need from my job. 🙂 Plus everything was so pretty. Sam and his guys and some family members decorated the reception space at their Putney Wedding venue Winchester House  on the morning of the wedding, and about halfway down this blogpost you can see the thrilled-and-impressed look on Hannah’s face as she walked into the garden and saw all the decorations hanging from the trees!

The ceremony took place at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Fulham, the same church that Hannah’s parents and aunt and uncle were married in, too. I love that sort of family history! And then it was a tight squeeze onto a London routemaster bus, where champagne and canapes flowed freely and everyone was very merry (very), and finally to Winchester House for drinks, dinner, dancing, and my favourite, pretty photos along the riverfront. We even dognapped someone’s daschund puppy to be in a few photos, and then there was pretty golden light and I probably squealed with excitement a lot. Oh, and two ladies asked us if Hannah and Sam were doing a magazine photoshoot, or if it was a real wedding. That’s how good they looked! I totally basked in the glow of that, like it had anything to do with me. 🙂

Also, there were movie table names, so my day was completely made.

Thank you Sam and Hannah for being fantastic!


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©Kat Forsyth, Putney Wedding Photographer

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  1. Lovely set of images here Kat! Clean and fresh and beautiful! What a gorgeous couple, congratulations 🙂