Colourful Hindu Engagement in North London {Rupal & Dipen}

Hindu Engagement ceremony

Be prepared to see a lot of this gorgeous couple on my blog over the next few months! Dipen and Rupal originally asked me to photograph their traditional Hindu wedding and reception celebration respectively on two weekends at the end of June/beginning of July, but then they decided it’d be great to have someone to capture their Hindu engagement ceremony at the Raglan Hotel in Muswell Hill, too. I’ve done quite a few Asian weddings before, but not an engagement ceremony, but it was just as fun and colourful and inclusive of the family and guests as all the wedding celebrations I’ve photographed! They’re always so much fun, and I love all the ceremonial bits that mean everyone gets to play a part.

Here are just a few of my favourites from the many, many things that happened! Ain’t no action-packed event like an Indian event! 🙂

KAT_7341 KAT_7374 KAT_7501 KAT_7515 KAT_7589

Dipen wasn’t allowed to see Rupal when she entered…so his nephew decided to make sure he couldn’t!

KAT_7595 KAT_7634 KAT_7641

Dipen completely approved of his bride-to-be:

KAT_7670 KAT_7703 KAT_7731 KAT_7762 KAT_7770

The ring ceremony, with lots of hamming it up (I love this fun couple!):


And the presentation of gifts!

KAT_7862 KAT_7950 KAT_7971 KAT_8016 KAT_8158 KAT_8191 KAT_8216 KAT_8296 KAT_8342 KAT_8380 KAT_8385 KAT_8450

And finally, a few quick couple portraits in the hotel garden:

Hindu Bride KAT_8595 KAT_8601 KAT_8618 KAT_8633 KAT_8666 KAT_8704

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