London Wedding Photography – Hindu Wedding Celebration in London {Sumeet & Zohra}

Hindu wedding London

When I first met Zohra and Sumeet, they told me all about their plans for the future, which included selling their home, all their stuff, and going on a travelling adventure together! Oh, and getting married before they left, too :-). They decided to have their Hindu wedding London celebration  at Sumeet’s parents’ home in Croydon (Sumeet is Hindu and Zohra is Muslim), followed by the legal bit and epic party at Northbrook Park in Surrey the next day (those photos will be up next!).

When Kylee (my 2nd shooter) and I arrived at Sumeet’s parents’ house on the Saturday, we had no idea how they were going to fit the 90 guests we’d heard about inside, but somehow they pulled it off by converting the back garden into a marquee-covered ceremony “room”, with absolutely beautiful light and bright, colourful decor. I have to extend a massive thank you to Mr and Mrs Vermani for being so incredibly welcoming to us, and constantly checking that we were properly taken care of (we were!) and treating us like two of the family. It was such a happy, beautiful day from start to finish, and we left feeling really excited that we would get to see everyone again the next day, and do it all over again a bit differently!

And make sure to have a look at Day Two, their Northbrook Park Wedding celebration!

Croydon Hindu Wedding Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-02 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-03 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-04 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-05 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-06 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-07 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-08 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-09 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-10 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-11 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-12 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-13 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-14 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-15 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-16 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-17 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-18 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-19 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-20 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-21 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-22 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-23 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-24 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-25 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-26 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-27 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-28 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-29 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-30 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-31 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-32 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-33 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-34 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-35 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-36 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-37 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-38 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-39 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-40 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-41 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-42 Sumeet-Zohra-Hindu-Wedding-43

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