Hinwick House Wedding, Bedfordshire {Katie & Adam}

Hinwick House Wedding

Hinwick House Wedding Photography

Katie and Adam’s wedding day was a beautiful, laughter-filled one. I was second shooting for Jeni Smith on this one, which was so much fun, and made even better by the fact that I finally managed to get COWS in a wedding photo. Next up, sheep! (I’m slowly working through all the animals. Please, somebody, get married with a bunny, or pose in a field with a flock of sheep! You’ll make my year.)

We started off with the groomsmen at their local, The Lamplighter pub, then off to photograph the church ceremony, and finally we ended the day at the gorgeous Hinwick House in Bedfordshire, which was just gorgeous with its sunny gardens. And cows, of course :-). Some heavy wind tried to steal the bridal party away during the photos with the giant balloons, but they all fought it off bravely, and I think the photos turned out wonderfully as a result. I’m all for braving the elements. Then it was onto the meal and speeches, which were emotional as all get out, and I’m not ashamed to say a shed more than a few tears. Let’s just say children giving speeches turns me to mush.

Afterwards everyone retired to the garden for drinks and games (summer weddings rule), where a kick-ass country band started the evening off with impromptu dancing in the gardens – so much fun!

Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-01 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-02 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-03 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-04 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-05 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-06 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-07 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-08 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-09 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-10 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-11 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-12 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-13 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-14 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-15 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-16 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-17 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-18 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-19 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-20 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-21 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-22 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-23 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-24 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-25 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-26 Wedding photo with cows Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-28 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-29 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-30 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-31 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-32 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-33 Hinwick-House-Wedding-Katie-Adam-34

 © Kat Forsyth, Hinwick House Wedding Photographer

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