Islington Wedding | Covent Garden Wedding, London {Naomi & Euan}

Islington Wedding Photos

This was such a gorgeous, intimate wedding! Close friends and family joined Naomi and Euan at Islington Town Hall to see them get married, followed by a trip on the London Ghost Bus (because that’s hilarious! It even played spooky music for us) to Brown’s Restaurant in Covent Garden for the wedding breakfast and reception. Everything about this day had some kind of special meaning, from Naomi wearing her Mum’s original wedding dress, headpiece and veil,  the individual bridesmaid gifts, all the bouquets being made by Naomi’s Mum, right through to the Penguin book centrepieces at the reception. Plus it was a day of absolute joy and love – just look at the picture of everyone clapping as Naomi and Euan are pronounced husband and wife! And the bridesmaids getting all emotional when Naomi did a practice walk down the aisle in her living room is one of my new favourite real moments I’ve ever captured at a wedding. That’s why I consider what I do to be storytelling more than anything – don’t get me wrong, I LOVE photographing creative and beautiful portraits you can hang on your wall, but nearly every part of the wedding day is made up of a series of real moments, and it’s my job to capture them all! It’s what wedding days are all about. I love my job. 🙂

Naomi and Euan, thank you SO much for finding me and asking me to photograph your Islington wedding in London! It means so much to me that I could be a part of your awesome family for a day. You guys are wonderful. All the best for everything!

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© Kat Forsyth Islington wedding photographer

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  1. These photographs are so beautiful- we utterly love them and everyone has said they are the best photographs they have seen. Thank you so much for putting them up on your blog! Xoxoxo