Kent Life Wedding {Melissa & Cliff}

Kent Life wedding photographer

Last month I travelled into Kent to document the gorgeous wedding of Melissa and Cliff. Melissa is American and Cliff British, but since they live in the States they decided to have their wedding here, with a small reception for their American friends and family once they got back home. The reception was held at the beautiful Kent Life wedding venue, a

heritage farm and function venue, which I absolutely fell in love with! Melissa’s wedding gown was stunning, and with her bridesmaids in their mismatched cream/gold/silver dresses I couldn’t stop photographing them! Everything about this wedding was so lovely.

Special thanks to Jo from Kent Life for her amazing organisational skills and taking care of us so well!

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© Kat Forsyth, Kent Life Wedding Photographer

13 responses to “Kent Life Wedding {Melissa & Cliff}

  1. Great couple – lovely wedding – great dancing shots!

  2. Gorgeous portrait work!

  3. This is such a lovely and sweet wedding! The bride’s dress is so beautiful!

  4. A marvellously detailed record of what was clearly a deeply heartfelt and thoroughly enjoyable day. Sterling work, Kat!

  5. Great Job Kat! I love the emotion that you’ve captured during the ceremony.

  6. Beautiful – great image of Melissa chilling with her b-maids pre ceremony

  7. Your portrait work here is amazing, Kat!! And the group portraits as well. And what a beautiful wedding 🙂

  8. gorgeous bride…love her natural look

  9. ummmm, yes!! The dress- Drool!! So gorgeous! Great work capturing this wedding!!

  10. I LOVE that photo with the MR and Mrs sign, so creative!

  11. Gorgeous wedding! I love all of the details and the beautiful colors. So many happy memories, congrats!