Little Venice London Wedding Photos {Bhavna & John}

Little Venice London Wedding

A week after Bhavna and John celebrated their traditional Hindu wedding, they had another celebration for their friends – this time at the Amadeus Centre in Little Venice in central London. They really wanted some couple portraits around the area in their wedding outfits, which were different from the previous week’s, so we braved the cold – and it was COLD! – and walked through alleyways and along the canal to get some pretty photos, which I think we did!

I have to thank these two for being awesome people, not only easy as pie to photograph, but for making the most awesome light-up stars for their party, and then GIVING me one when I exclaimed in delight over them! They even drove all the way to my house to deliver it so it wouldn’t get damaged on the tube. You two are SO great. Thank you so much for booking me to photograph your Little Venice London wedding! xx


Little Venice Wedding photos Bhavna-John-28Feb-10 Bhavna-John-28Feb-14 Bhavna-John-28Feb-15 Bhavna-John-28Feb-22 Bhavna-John-28Feb-29 Bhavna-John-28Feb-30 Bhavna-John-28Feb-33 Bhavna-John-28Feb-34 Bhavna-John-28Feb-39 Bhavna-John-28Feb-45 Bhavna-John-28Feb-50 Bhavna-John-28Feb-58 Bhavna-John-28Feb-59 Bhavna-John-28Feb-62 Bhavna-John-28Feb-66 Bhavna-John-28Feb-73 Bhavna-John-28Feb-76

2 responses to “Little Venice London Wedding Photos {Bhavna & John}

  1. Bhavna Weeks

    These images are so colourful and we had such a great time during the photo shoots, you really helped put us novices at ease. Despite the rain, we loved having these photos taken around Little Venice – thinking about the kind of photos we wanted played a big part in the venue we ended up choosing. Thank you for being so awesome 🙂 Bhavna x

  2. Ahhh what a lovely happy couple. Great photos Kat. LOVE her Sari!