London Wedding Photographer – London Hindu Wedding {Bhavna & John}

Hindu Wedding

John and Bhavna were married on a wonderfully sunny winter’s day in February – twice! In the morning I met them for their registry office ceremony at Waltham Forest, and then I went back with Bhavna while she changed into her tradtional Hindu regalia for the Hindu wedding ceremony.

John and Bhavna are just the most fun, happy couple, and as soon as I saw the photos from their house that my second shooter Heline Bekker took, which was just filled with movie posters and memoribilia and comic book fabulousness, I realised we had *everything* in common! Nothing more fun than that!

These two weren’t content with having two wedding ceremonies, though – the following week they had a big party-reception for their friends, and they invited me along to do a couple shoot for them beforehand. Pics from that to follow soon!

©Kat Forsyth, London Wedding Photographer

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  1. great colours in this one!