London Maternity photos {Izelle & Charles}

London maternity photographer

London Maternity Photographer

Izelle and Charles are South African expats living in London, like me, so it was so much fun to meet up and photograph them before the arrival of their first baby – and do some “I really miss xyz about South Africa” chatting at the same time! Plus it was fun to practise my Afrikaans. 🙂 (It’s their first language, but my second).

The couple chose to do their maternity photos around the South Bank in London, as it’s such an iconic area, with so many famous London landmarks, as well as some fun colourful walls and graffiti. The shoot happened to coincide with the huge “Festival of Love” that is happening in London this summer, so of course we ended up using all sorts of the backdrops and decor from that!

Izelle and Charles, I hope everything goes beautifully for the birth of little [SPOILER]! <— It’s a big secret. 🙂

London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-1 London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-10 London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-13 London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-17 London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-20 London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-27 London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-30 London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-33 London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-39 London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-42 London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-50 London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-52 London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-57 London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-65 London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-73 London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-75 London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-80 London-maternity-Izelle-Charles-84


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