South London Wedding Photography – London Pub Wedding at the Butcher’s Hook & Cleaver {Beth & Geoff}

East London Pub wedding

London Pub Wedding

Beth and Geoff were married last Saturday in a lovely, laidback, family-orientated London pub wedding, with the emphasis on fun! I started the day at Beth’s house, where a remarkably calm Beth was having her hair and makeup done while family and friends popped in and out, and then it was onto The Camberwell Arms pub, where Geoff and most of the guests were having a few drinks before the ceremony – also very chilled out and stress-free!

After that we all walked down the street to the Southwark Registry office for the ceremony, and then finally it was onto a routemaster bus to take everybody to The Butcher’s Hook & Cleaver in Smithfield near the Barbican, for the meal and PARTY. The rain also held off beautifully until we were all inside – thanks, weather!

Things I need to mention: Beth and Geoff are just the sweetest, no fuss, no stress, just happy to be in love couple! Their tiny daughter Thea and the rest of their family are clearly so important to them, and they just loved having everyone together to celebrate their wedding! I totally felt the love; I might have mentioned before (a few hundred times) that feeling the love at weddings is why I do this job. I  got more than a little teary when Geoff referred to Beth in his speech as “heart-burstingly wonderful”. It might have been heart-burstingly amazing, or incredible, or beautiful; I don’t remember, and they’re all true anyway. But it was the loveliness of “heart-burstingly” that got me right in the feels. Well done, Geoff.

And well done both of you for finding each other and being so lovely together. Thank you for having me along to capture your love!

Oh and special shoutout to The Butcher’s Hook & Cleaver for feeding me the most delicious lamb pie and mash – I’m not surprised your food is award-winning! I’m definitely going back there!


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  1. What a beautiful intimate family affaire. Love the colours, Beth’s dress, the location! Great photos Kat!