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Perchance to Dream…

September 29, 2009

perchance to dream copy

I took this photo some time ago, but I found it again today when I was sorting out some photo folders. This is why I have my camera next to my bed.


September 24, 2009


Ree over at The Pioneer Woman* is holding a reader competition for textured photos. Textures are fabulously fun to play with! Sometimes a fairly ordinary photo just needs a little bit of texture and depth to make it go WOW. And sometimes it’s fun to create an old, vintage look with the texture of old paper or wood – or anything that comes to mind!

Here are a few of the ones I submitted:

Blue flower texture

Bee texture

Dog texture

pink rock texture

*If you’ve never visited The Pioneer Woman, you’re missing out. There’s a wealth of information on there, from cooking to photography to homeschooling to, well, just general life. And the cooking. Did I mention the cooking? It’s like you died and went to recipe heaven in there.