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Heather & Ryno

November 26, 2009

Here’s the full post of Heather and Ryno at The Ridge School in Westcliff.  As soon as I saw Heather’s dress, I knew we had to do their creative shoot somewhere elegant and beautiful. So I called up my connections and secured The Ridge School, which has to be the most beautiful prep school I’ve ever seen.

Heather_Ryno062 Westcliff

Heather_Ryno065 copy Westcliff |Wedding photos

Heather_Ryno069 Wedding photos Westcliff

Heather_Ryno023 copy Westcliff The Ridge Wedding

Heather_Ryno042 Gauteng wedding photographer

Heather_Ryno047 copy Westcliff JHB wedding photos

Heather_Ryno057 Balcony over Westcliff

Heather_Ryno078 corridor

Heather_Ryno095 Westcliff chessboard

Heather_Ryno098 copy chess wedding

Heather_Ryno101 sunset tree wedding

Heather_Ryno134 The Ridge Westcliff wedding

Heather_Ryno151 stairs wedding shoot Westcliff

Wedding bride close-up WestcliffHeather_Ryno261 handsHeather_Ryno282 bell tower sun wedding westcliff

Heather_Ryno305 corridor Westcliff wedding the ridge

Heather & Ryno sneak peek!

November 23, 2009

If you were in Johannesburg last week, you’ll know what appalling weather we’ve been having. Overcast, rainy, cold – it’s like we swapped November weather with the UK! But wouldn’t you know, on Sunday it just miraculously cleared up just so Heather and Ryno could get these:

Heather_Ryno187 | Johannesburg wedding photographers

Heather_Ryno098 | Johannesburg Wedding Photographers