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Nicole and Bruno: Day-After Wedding Portraits & Trash the Dress

September 30, 2010


Nicole and Bruno were married in Mozambique two Saturdays ago, and they were concerned that they wouldn’t get enough time for photos on the day, so they booked me months ago to do a Day-After or Trash the Dress session with them while they were in South Africa on the way to their honeymoon in Bali. Let’s just say these two did a LOT of travelling over the past week or so!

“We’re big posers,” they told me, and they weren’t kidding! These two could (and did) look as glamorous on a huge boulder as they did in a sea of green grass or leaning against a farmyard fence. And somehow they made it look natural at the same time. It might have something to do with their huge smiles and genuine happiness…I love this couple!

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Wedding: Barbara and Jason at Shepstone Gardens

September 27, 2010


Barbara and Jason were married last Saturday at the always phenomenal Shepstone Gardens, and it was such a gorgeous and happy event. I think you know you’re really involved emotionally in a wedding when you’re taking pictures of the mothers of the bride and groom crying during the speeches, and they start pointing and laughing because you’re crying too (yes, this happened). Barbara’s father reminded me so much of my own, the bridesmaids were like rays of sunshine in their flowing yellow dresses, and Barbara looked stunning in her fairytale ballerina-inspired dress, complete with ballet slippers (which unfortunately didn’t last long; double-sided tape is not all it’s cracked up to be).

Here are some of my favourites from their day. Thanks to the wonderful Melanie Wessels for assisting me again. You can see her photos of the day here.

Oh and Barbara and Jason’s Engagement at the zoo is here, go check that out too.

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I loved this next idea! Barbara and Jason used one of my photos from their engagement session and had a frame custom-made, on which the guests could inscribe their messages and well-wishes.

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One of the best “I caught the bouquet!” faces EVER!

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Barbara and Jason, thank you for having me as part of your wonderful day. And thanks to Marielle and the staff at Shepstone Gardens for being amazing as always!

Engagement: Cherene and Clark at Avianto

September 22, 2010


Cherene and Clark are getting married next month at Avianto, so they decided to do their engagement session there so we could do some exploring and find some great spots for their wedding shoot. I think we found them and more!

UPDATE: See their wedding here.

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Engagement: Kirsten and Simon

September 20, 2010


Kirsten and Simon were given a photo session with me as an engagement gift by some of their relatives. (HINT: This is a really good idea. I’m just saying. :-))

Unfortunately I was already booked on their wedding day, so I won’t get to do their wedding pics too – pity, because these two are naturals in front of the camera! They just did their own awesome thing and let me snap away merrily.

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Aimee & Tyler: Wedding at the Hertford Hotel

September 13, 2010


Aimee and Tyler live in the UK, so I didn’t get to meet them until the day of their wedding! Aimee’s mother Glenys and sister Amande met with me and booked me, and despite the whole wedding being organised partly here and partly overseas, it went off beautifully. My favourite moment was Aimee and Tyler walking into the reception to the theme tune of Star Wars – geekdom after my own heart. :-)

Here are some of my favourite shots from their wedding on Saturday. The Hertford has some gorgeous stone walls and a forest that’s taken right out of a fairytale.

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Bryanne’s Sweet Sixteen Portraits

September 10, 2010


My friend Cat (great name, right? :-)) asked me to do a “Sweet Sixteen with a Twist” portrait session for her sister Bryanne’s 16th birthday gift. We went to the botanical gardens at Emmarentia with props and fun outfits, and had a blast! DespiteĀ  Cat and Bryanne nearly getting chased by a cleaning lady for changing in the men’s toilets! They couldn’t find the ladies’, they explained, before high-tailing it out of there. Later on, when we realised that the ladies’ toilets were all of two metres away around a corner, they understood why the cleaning lady didn’t seem to believe them…

Anyway, here’s Bryanne, looking stunning:

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Wedding: Kirsty & Ant at the Johannesburg Country Club

September 6, 2010


Kirsty and Ant were married two weeks ago on a beautiful warm Saturday. Their service was held at the Rosebank Catholic church (gorgeous!), and the reception at the Johannesburg Country Club in Auckland Park. I shot their engagement photos there a few months ago, and it was interesting to see how different it looked in winter! I’m actually really glad we did that, because we got to shoot in a few great spots that we didn’t have time for on the wedding day.

Kirsty and Ant, thank you so much for such a beautiful wedding! I hope you’re enjoying The Maldives!

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Charlene and Koos: Engagement

September 4, 2010


Koos and Charlene were an absolute blast to photograph! We did the shoot at Charlene’s Aunt’s house in Pretoria, and I’ve got to say I have never seen a more beautiful garden in my life! From ponds to waterfalls to lush ferns and green lawns, I was in my element. Because Koos & Charlene are having a peacock-themed wedding, we were hoping that one of the peacocks who live in the estate would come strolling by, but we were out of luck. The closest I got was one sitting on a wall! Still, I think we got some gorgeous shots, because Charlene and Koos pretty much never stopped laughing, which is my favourite thing in the world!


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This next photo pretty much sums up what the whole shoot was like: laughing, fun, and more laughing!

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