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Best of 2013

December 30, 2013

Graffiti wedding photos Shoreditch

It’s that time again! My 2013 round-up of some of my favourite wedding photos, engagement photos, and other pictures I’ve taken this year! It’s a pretty big post… turns out I had a lot more favourites than I thought. Which, of course, is good, and I can’t complain!

Thanks to all the wonderful people in these photos who made my job really easy this year, by just turning up and being fantastic clients from the get-go! My photos wouldn’t be half as good if you didn’t look so awesome in them. :-) And I wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun as I did in 2013 if you all weren’t so damn fun to work with! So here’s to continuing friendships and hoping that my 2014 couples are just as lovely!

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Trash the Dress/ Day-After Wedding Photography {Annemarie & Romain}

November 10, 2013


Annemarie and Romain live in London, but because they’re both French they naturally held their wedding a few months ago in France. They contacted me because they love London, especially Shoreditch and its surrounds, where they love and spend a lot of time, and they wanted some fun, quirky photos of themselves in their wedding attire there! I, of course, love graffiti and old walls and dilapidated buildings, so the area they picked was spot on!

A Seaside Trash the Dress/ Day After Shoot {Leah & Aidan}

August 16, 2013

Leah and Aidan were married just a few months ago, but they didn’t get many photos of themselves on the day. When Leah emailed me to ask if I would do a trash the dress or day-after shoot with them, and did I have any ideas, I basically went, “YES!” and “Beach!”. Incredibly organised Aidan immediately went to work to find a suitable location, and came up with Botany Bay on the Kent coastline, which I LOVED. So one Saturday morning we packed our bags – and their car – full of wedding clothes and sunscreen, and off we went for a fun day of photos in the sand (and a really fantastic pub lunch and dinner). Botany Bay is simply gorgeous, and we were lucky enough to find a tiny secluded bay to start off in, before ending up on the main beach and dodging happy holidaymakers! It turns out that Aidan and Leah live literally two streets down from me, so not only do we all have some lovely photos, but I’ve got some lovely new friends too!

Kent wedding photographer

In the snow {A Bridal shoot}

February 13, 2013

Snow feather bridal headdress

It snowed. And, well, because I’m from Africa, I was more than super excited. I pretty much thought it was the best thing I’d ever seen on the ground. Which meant that I had to do a shoot in it, of course!

Charlotte (lovely designer of lovely dresses) and I had been talking for a while about doing a trash the dress in one of her wedding dresses, so when snow was forecast I figured we should combine the two! Charlotte brought two gorgeous dresses and her brave face along with her, and we hit up a cemetery in south-west London and frolicked a bit in the unexpected sun. And then shivered in a cold and muddy park. Charlotte even lay down in the snow for me! Oh, the power I have… :-)

Here are a few pics of our adventures.

Molly Dishwasher: A caravan & farm Trash the Dress {Niki & Andrew}

January 29, 2013

beautiful wedding photos Sussex

Two days after their wedding, Niki and Andrew organised for me to come to Molly Dishwasher, the little caravan on a farm where they were spending their honeymoon. It was a gorgeous place, with fields and trees for miles, and we even got some of the sun that had eluded us on their wedding day! The mud was rampant, but we all wore our wellies and got on with getting beautiful shots. :-) Here are some of my favourites:

Trash the Dress {Taryn & Marc}

February 9, 2012


You might remember Taryn and Marc’s gorgeous wedding at Shepstone Gardens last year, which was also featured in the UK magazine, “Wedding“. I met up with them again in Pretoria a few weeks ago to take some fun day-after photos. We started off in a playground, because we’re all three cool like that, and ended up in some lovely fields in a game reserve. Awesomeness all round.

No wedding dresses were harmed in the making of these photos. :-)


Playful fun trash the dress





































Nicky & Gibbie: Trash the Dress

October 30, 2010


Nicky and I were in the same class in matric, but we probably never would have kept in contact if it weren’t for Facebook (I love Facebook). Nicky and Gibbie were married last year in October, and decided to do a Trash the Dress with me as an anniversary celebration. I think it’s a great idea on so many levels: (a) it gives you the chance to dress up in your wedding best again, have some fun, be in love, and generally get some great portraits of yourselves; and (b) even if you don’t put on the wedding dress and suit again, you can still get some fabulous couple photos to document this stage of your lives. Nicky requested graffiti, and I begged them to use the Nelson Mandela Bridge as well, as I’d been dying to shoot there, so we did both! We went way overtime because I was just having so much fun…my favourite kind of shoot!

Trash the Dress Johannesburg

Graffiti Newtown Trash the dress South Africa

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Trash the Dress photography Johannesburg

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wedding trash the dress South Africa

Trash the Dress with horses

October 10, 2010


Remember Angel, whose wedding I second shot back in July? She decided to organise a fun photographer get-together trash the dress shoot, with HORSES. When she originally emailed to ask if I wanted to be a part of it, the only obvious answer was “heck yes!” The shoot took place at Glen Austin Stables, and Angel’s friend Meryl organised her gorgeous, beautiful and so-sweet-I-just-wanted-to-throw-my-arms-around-them horses for the shoot. Three fearless brides in pretty white dresses and boots completed this afternoon of fun. Here are some of my photos!

Wedding Photographers Johannesburg

Trash the Dress horses johannesburg

Glen Austin Stables bride trash the dress

Felt like doing this one with a vintage look, because I can… :-)

kat forsyth wedding photographer JHB

It’s a camera, not a carrot!

Wedding Photographer Johannesburg

Bride blue eyes close-up horse

Gauteng wedding photographers

Wedding Photographer Johannesburg

WEdding Trash the Dress Photographer Gauteng

Johannesburg wedding trash the dress photography

Not the best picture, but I love the horse Feiko’s expression here!

Gauteng wedding photographer

Trash the Dress Photographers Johannesburg

Johannesburg wedding photographer

Kat Forsyth wedding TTD Photographers

A little self-portrait of Melanie Wessels and me:

Johannesburg Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography Johannesburg

We ended the shoot with some amazing cupcakes made by Angel aka The Cupcake Lady:

Wedding Photographer Johannesburg

Cupcake Lady

Kat Forsyth wedding photographer

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