Invitation to the Wedding

I love it when my couples give me an invitation to their wedding. It’s like a little extra piece of the wedding I can get excited over, and photograph! I love seeing the different styles and ideas that people come up with, too.  There’s no limit to the fun you ca have with your invites!

When I did Jade and Craig’s engagement shoot, they gave me this gorgeous felt hand-crafted invitation, which went so well with their heart-themed, laidback wedding.

Heart wedding invitation

Jade Craig Wedding Invitation

Heart shaped folded envelope invitation

And on Monday when I met up with Kate, my bride for tomorrow’s wedding (which, by the way, is going to blow your socks away :-)) she gave me their elegant black and white invitation in a fun red envelope. I love the way I can just see the style of their wedding in it!

Kat Forsyth wedding photographer Johannesburg

Kat Forsyth wedding photography Johannesburg

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2 Responses to “Invitation to the Wedding”

  1. Regina Lynn says:

    Love them! The top one is the embodiment of cuteness!

  2. Drew says:

    Oh man those invitations are amazing. I wish I was crafty like that :-)

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