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I found this cartoon from What the Duck somewhere on the blogosphere, and it made me laugh. Mostly because it’s TRUE. Have you ever heard, “Oh well, if I had an expensive camera and flashy lenses my pictures would have looked good too…”?



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Makes me laugh every time.

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3 Responses to “Love it…”

  1. I LOVE What The Duck?

    I have been so stressed by the fact that I don’t have a prosumer or pro lenses or fast glass, and then I remind myself that you can learn the basics on anything ad you can get beautiful results while you are at it.

    People tak stunning photographs with a point and shoot, and people take average snapshots with a 5D. I think it is all about learning your craft and being creative.

  2. I love What the Duck cartoons! It’s always a good laugh.

    P.S. Hand them your camera and then see what they say. ;)

  3. Kat Forsyth says:

    Hannah – absolutely! I’ve seen some awful pics taken with the top top cameras. They can only do so much. I don’t have a really pro camera, but I do what I can with it and when I have the money and outgrow it, I’ll take it to the next level! You learn with what you’ve got.

    Chelsea – I’m too scared to give them my camera in case they break it. :-) Besides, then you’ll just get the “Oh, but if I knew how to use it I could also…” story!

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