Mod Wedding photography session in Brighton

Brighton Wedding Photographer

Brighton Wedding Photographer

I love the “mod” 1960s look. Think Twiggy, with those big eyes and even bigger eyelashes, all skinny legs and short dresses. I’ve never photographed a wedding in this style, but I wanted to, so when I mentioned it to Gwenda from Fearless Florals, she pulled her usual genius styling out of the hat and just made it happen! We knew immediately that we had to shoot it in Brighton, the setting of such mod classics as Quadrophenia, and since Brighton is one of my favourite cities in the world, that worked out well. 🙂

At the time we were unable to find a wedding dress supplier who specialised in the 60s look, so ebay (via Gwenda) had to oblige for the wedding and bridesmaid dresses, but we got some fantastic other suppliers involved, including ice cream parlour Scoop & Crumb, who supplied us with the ice cream goodies for the dessert table, as well as allowing us to shoot in their upstairs room. Lucie from Wonderland Bakery made all the other cakes (doesn’t the one with the cherry on top just fill you with happiness?), and make-up artist Sjaniel Turrell cleverly did her own make-up and Gwenda’s, and they were my models for the day!

I wanted a bit of an editorial, fashion edge to this shoot, since the mod look so easily lends itself to that, so lots of angled poses were the order of the day. It was ridiculously windy (though at least this time no veils escaped and had to be rescued from nearby fields), but we had an absolute blast. Passersby on the pier kept assuming Gwenda and Sjaniel had just got married, and kept congratulating them! Eventually they just said thank you, and kept going. Ha. People of Brighton, you’re awesome.

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The Team:
Photography // Kat Forsyth Photography
Hair & Make-Up // Sjaniel Make-Up Artist
Flowers and Styling // Fearless Florals
Stationery // Pepper & Joy
Cafe Venue // Scoop & Crumb


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  1. Love the color and style.