Molly Dishwasher: A Farm Trash the Dress {Niki & Andrew}


Molly Dishwasher Farm trash the Dress

Two days after their wedding, Niki and Andrew organised for me to come to Molly Dishwasher, the little caravan on a farm where they were spending their honeymoon. It was a gorgeous place, with fields and trees for miles, and we even got some of the sun that had eluded us on their wedding day! The mud was rampant, but we all wore our wellies and got on with getting beautiful shots. 🙂 Here are some of my favourites:

Molly Dishwasher Wedding Thank you sign Niki-Andrew-TTD-05 Niki-Andrew-TTD-07 Niki-Andrew-TTD-09 wedding rain puddle Niki-Andrew-TTD-16 Niki-Andrew-TTD-21 Niki-Andrew-TTD-25 Niki-Andrew-TTD-31 Niki-Andrew-TTD-35 Niki-Andrew-TTD-43 Niki-Andrew-TTD-47 Niki-Andrew-TTD-53 Niki-Andrew-TTD-55 Niki-Andrew-TTD-58 Niki-Andrew-TTD-65 Niki-Andrew-TTD-67 Niki-Andrew-TTD-69 Niki-Andrew-TTD-70 Niki-Andrew-TTD-79 Niki-Andrew-TTD-85

2 responses to “Molly Dishwasher: A Farm Trash the Dress {Niki & Andrew}

  1. Wunderbar. Perfect lens flare!

  2. A lovely set of images. I agree with Dale, there’s something really special about those lense flair portraits!