Surrey Wedding Photograophy – Northbrook Park Wedding {Zohra & Sumeet, Day 2}

Northbrook Park Wedding Surrey

Day two of Zohra and Sumeet’s epic wedding weekend dawned sunny and gorgeous, just like the day before – and that’s pretty damn impressive for England in October! This day was all held at the beautiful Northbrook Park wedding venue near Farnham in Surrey. It was my first time shooting there, and I absolutely LOVED it – the ceremony room was filled with natural light, and the Orangery, where the reception was held, was full of leaves and twinkly lights, which made the most fabulous background for photos! Everyone was having just as much, if not more, fun as the previous day, and all the happiness and silliness and goofiness really made this day one of the most fun ever!

Thanks to Kylee for 2nd shooting again, and thanks to Zohra and Sumeet for being ridiculously happy and in love and goofy in the best kind of way (ie my kind :P). You guys are awesome. xx

And in case you missed it, go see Day One – their epic Hindu wedding celebration!

Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-01 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-02 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-03 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-04 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-05 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-06 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-07 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-08 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-09 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-10 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-11 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-12 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-13 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-14 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-15 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-16 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-17 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-18 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-19 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-20 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-21 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-22 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-23 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-24 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-25 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-26 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-27 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-28 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-29 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-30 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-31

The gorgeous flowers are by Julia at Darling Buds!

Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-32 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-33 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-34 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-35 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-36 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-37 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-38 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-39 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-40 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-41 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-42 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-43 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-44 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-45 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-46 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-47 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-48 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-49 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-50 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-51 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-52 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-53 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-54 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-55 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-56 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-57 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-58 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-59 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-60 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-61 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-62 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-63

Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-65 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-66 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-67 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-68 Northbrook Park-Wedding-Sumeet-Zohra-69

2 responses to “Surrey Wedding Photograophy – Northbrook Park Wedding {Zohra & Sumeet, Day 2}

  1. Jennifer Considine

    These photos made me weep! They are SO, SO beautiful…….

  2. Jennifer Considine

    These photos made me weep! They are SO, beautiful…….