London Wedding Photography – Old Royal Naval College Wedding {Stephanie & Fuchsia}

Old Royal Naval College Wedding




Same-sex Old Royal Naval College Wedding

I remember so clearly the day I first met Steph and Fuchsia. They told me all about their plans for their fabulously geektastic wedding filled with vintage goodness, and I sat there thinking, “Please let these awesome girls hire me to photograph their wedding!” and also “But why is it so far awaaaay?”

Well, they did (yay!), and the 18 months between then and now trundled by at the rate of a dying snail, until it was suddenly upon us! And boy, was it worth it.

First off, I have to say I’ve seldom seen a set of parents and friends SO excited and happy for a couple. Literally everyone was bouncing at some point (and I do mean literally!). It was such a fantastic environment to be in. Their speeches were amazing!  Secondly, Fuchsia and Stephi had so much beautiful wedding stuff! EPIC gowns that made them look like fairytale queens, gorgeous jewellery and veils and bits and pieces, and all the tiniest touches matching beautifully – especially the green and purple bridesmaids’ dresses coordinating with their peacock fans (instead of bouquets).

The venue was the Admiral’s House at The Old Royal Naval College Wedding venue in Greenwich, London, where the big battle at the end of Thor 2 took place (this Marvel geek noted). And everything there was handmade by Steph & Fuchsia! Doctor Who, Buffy, Lord of the Rings centrepieces…yep. The gorgeously-painted table plan…yep. The entire freaking cake, including the cake toppers modelled to look just like them in their wedding dresses??? Yep, they made all that too. I was stuck in a weird place between awe and envy. But mostly I was excited. Always.

The first dance (which they had planned since before they first booked me) was Fred Astaire singing “Cheek to Cheek”, which thrilled me no end because classic musicals are one of my favourite things, and Top Hat is one of the best! And this was followed up by the parent-daughter dance, “Life’s a Happy Song” from The Muppets movie (the recent 2011 one), which just made me so happy. Especially since everyone knew all the words!

Fuchsia, Steph, thank you SO MUCH for choosing me, and for choosing each other! The way you look at each other made me choke up more than once during the day. Thank you for being so in love, so talented, so nice, and so wonderful.

And thank you from me to my fab 2nd shooter, Paola De Paola!

Greenwich Wedding Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-002 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-003 Documentary wedding photography Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-005 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-006 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-007 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-008 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-009 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-010 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-011 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-012 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-013 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-014 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-015 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-016 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-017 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-018 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-019 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-020 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-021 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-022 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-023 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-024 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-025 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-026 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-027 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-028 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-029 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-030 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-031 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-032 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-033 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-034 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-035 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-036 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-037 Gay wedding photography Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-039 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-040 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-041 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-042 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-043 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-044 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-045 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-046 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-048 Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-049 Jewel brooch bouquets Old-Royal-Naval-College-Wedding-Greenwich-Steph-Fuchsia-051 Green and purple bridesmaid dresses peacock fans 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Greenwich Old Royal Naval College Wedding by Kat Forsyth


4 responses to “London Wedding Photography – Old Royal Naval College Wedding {Stephanie & Fuchsia}

  1. Okay, seriously. These make me want to dress up in a ball gown every day. Those dresses are INCREDIBLE!! (AND the accessories… their sense of style is amazing!) This looks like it was such a fun wedding too! You did an amazing job with these!!

  2. Oh WOW. The amount of magical vintage historic gorgeousness here is just beyyyyyond. These two are absolutely stunning, their spectacularly glam vintage outfits are incredible, and all the moments are just do damn good. Amazing work!

  3. Jennifer Considine

    Absolutely stunning! It made me weep, it was so beautiful!

  4. Becca Maravolo

    I’ve looked at these photographs at least three times and every time my eyes well up (proud way of saying I’ve cried again and again). I didn’t think I’d cry at the wedding… oh I did! The most incredible, beautiful and poignant wedding I’ve ever attended. It is difficult for me to go places and get around due to my health but this was my darling ‘niece’ Fuchsia’s and now my other ‘niece – Stephi’s wedding, so no matter what I simply couldn’t miss this occasion. Frankly it was a highlight in my life. I adore these ladies and I admire them so much. Your photographs are stunning. It is not only down to the subjects in the photographs, in this case enhanced by two incredibly beautiful, amazing ladies but also the ‘eye’ and skill of the photographer whose view of this beautiful event and connection with her subjects brought each photo to life.