Mystery, Madness, and a Quintessentially English Wedding {Owlpen Manor, Gloucestershire}

Cotswolds wedding photographer

Cotswolds Wedding Photographer

This magical shoot was dreamed up by fellow wedding photographer, Fiona Campbell, who asked me to take part. Naturally I wasn’t about to say no to a trip into the Cotswolds to shoot and stay overnight at the gorgeous Owlpen Manor, which also has the reputation of being one of Britain’s most haunted buildings…

We had a three-part for the shoot: firstly, to shoot a quintessential English country house wedding, with a sweet bride in white, calligraphy stationery, vintage china and lovely garden flowers. But an evil temptress in red (part two) stalks the gardens, attempting to ruin the bride’s perfect wedding! And finally, a mad queen who haunts the Manor is sent into a jealous rage by the beautiful bride, and tries everything to stop the wedding from taking place in her garden.

I loved shooting all three of these scenarios, and the lovely and versatile Helena was the model for all of them.


Owlpen-01 Owlpen-06 Owlpen-10 Owlpen-12 Owlpen-17 Owlpen-18 Owlpen-20 Owlpen-26 Owlpen-30 Owlpen-35 Owlpen-36 Owlpen-37 Owlpen-40 Owlpen-44 Owlpen-46 Owlpen-49 Owlpen-53 Owlpen-56 Owlpen-60 Owlpen-62 Owlpen-63 Owlpen-69 Owlpen-72 Owlpen-76 Owlpen-79 Owlpen-83 Owlpen-84


Here’s a list of the other suppliers:

Venue – Owlpen Manor

Stationery – Calligraphy for Weddings

Vintage Porcelain – Mrs Terrence

Flowers – Ivy Pip and Rose

Cake – Peggy Porschen

Dresses – The State of Grace, Miss Bush Bridal Wear, and Faith Caton-Barber

Styling – Lady Amy Wedding Design

Make-up – Nina Singh

13 responses to “Mystery, Madness, and a Quintessentially English Wedding {Owlpen Manor, Gloucestershire}

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