Photographer Shootout at Sammy Marks: Vintage goodness Part I


Nearly a month ago,  a bunch of Johannesburg and Pretoria-based photographers got together for a fun day of shooting and learning from each other at the ruins at Sammy Marks. It was organised by the ever-awesome Natasha and Deon Du Preez, and despite the fact that I was pretty well exhausted from Mia & Francois’ wedding the day before, I had THE best time. Yes, everyone who was there: I had a better time than you did. So there!

Natasha and Deon organised four gorgeous couples to come and pose for us, and we took turns at making them smile, kiss, lean, sit, climb, and all the usual things we make couples do for the sake of a good photo! Later in the day they all changed into vintage outfits (giant swoon on my part) and the fantabulous Mario Sales showed us how he poses large groups. I then stuck to Mario like glue as he took one of the couples for another couple shoot in the sunset. And just because I like to be different, I’m starting there at the end and working my way backwards. More posts to follow!

Here are Pieter and Hanchen, vintaged up!

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5 responses to “Photographer Shootout at Sammy Marks: Vintage goodness Part I

  1. Love not only the lighting but the color tones of these images. The models look fantastic with the outfits and poses. Nice work.

  2. Natasha du Preez

    Wow Kat, you did an awesome job! I’m so jealous of these ones. Well done to you!
    Take care

  3. Adooore the styling, and the light is superb.

  4. Absolutely stunning and captivating! Well Doe Kat. This girl is sooooo beautiful! I can just image how stunning she is going to look on her wedding day!