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Bride and groom first look

So how does it all work?


You’ve connected with something in my photographs, something that feels like YOU (yay!), so now we just need to make this thing happen!

My prices are really simple: I don’t want to throw a whole bunch of options at you, or make you buy packages filled with things you don’t really want. I’m all about the basics here!

The Price

The first five (or fewer) hours are £200 each.

The next four hours are £150 each.

That’s it. It’s that simple. You can have any number of hours you like, but they are continuous. In other words, I can’t shoot for an hour, disappear for three, and come back and shoot another hour…

Most people opt for five hours for a short wedding, and nine for full coverage, but all weddings are different and there’s no right or wrong choice!

Northbrook Park wedding photographer Surrey

bridal bouquet flowers made of coke coca-cola tins

But what about albums and all that jazz?

Absolutely! There are all sorts of added extras you can add on if and as you need.

Second Shooter:
For five or fewer hours, it’s an extra £150 (for the whole time).
For six or more hours, it’s an extra £200 (ditto).

Engagement Session:
£200 for a 60-90 minute session within greater London.

I have two different types, but prices are dependent on the number of pages you choose, so ask me and I’ll pop you over a full price list!


And that’s it! So if you think all this sounds good, email me back on and we’ll get things going!