Rickety Barn Wedding: Cambridgeshire Wedding Photographer {Penny & Ben}


Cambridgeshire Wedding photographer

Cambridgeshire Wedding Photographer at Rickety Barns, Bassmead Manor Barns

Penny and Ben were married the Saturday before I left for South Africa, and what a gorgeous wedding it turned out to be! Everything took place in the Rickety Barn at Bassmead Manor Barns wedding venue, which is such a gorgeous spot in the Cambridgeshire countryside. The weather was perfect for their outdoor ceremony in a forest, there were red heart-shaped balloons all over the place, both for the couple photos and for the guests to release in a crowd (balloons totally gladden my heart), the guests were treated to a beautiful tea party before the ceremony, and the whole day was filled with giant smiles, laughter, and tears of joy from everyone.

There were so many little details that, as usual, I went somewhat overboard taking photos of them, but it did make everything that little extra bit special. I loved the hand painted table numbers which were painted by one of Penny’s relatives, and all the thoughtful details like blankets for the cold evening. Not to mention the masses of flowers – including proteas as a nod to Penn’s South African heritage.

Thanks so much, Penny and Ben, for having me along to photograph your wedding!


Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-4 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-2 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-5 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-7 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-8 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-11 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-13 Rickety Barn wedding pompom


Wedding ceremony forest hay bales


Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-23 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-24 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-27 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-28 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-30 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-32

bouquet roses peonies red pink Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-37 Purple bridesmaid dresses Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-40

Cambridgeshire Wedding photographer red balloons wedding Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-47 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-46 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-44 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-43

balloon release wedding Rickety Barns wedding seating board old windows Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-54 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-57 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-56 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-59 colourful streamers wedding decor Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-63 Rickety-Barn-Cambridgeshire-Wedding-Penny-Ben-67

© Cambridgeshire Wedding Photographer Kat Forsyth

2 responses to “Rickety Barn Wedding: Cambridgeshire Wedding Photographer {Penny & Ben}

  1. What a gorgeous wedding! I love their gingerbread houses. Too sweet.

  2. Oh my goodness, all the gorgeous details are making me swoon. Heart-shaped balloons, hay bales, the barn, the bride and groom photos in the field, the beautiful shot of the bouquet on the bench, the sweet ring shots… lovely!