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Rock ‘N Roll Circus Wedding | Bristol Wedding Photographer

It’s been six months since I held that competition for free wedding photography to one awesome couple. When I saw Charlie and Simon’s entry for a Rock ‘n Roll-themed wedding to be held in a circus training school that used to be a church, I was sold. I immediately put them on my shortlist, and apparently everyone else thought their wedding sounded as fantastic as I did, because they won by a landslide, with more than two thirds of the votes!

You might remember back in July I shot the wedding of Sarah and Carl, who took second place in the competition. When Charlie saw their wedding on my blog, she told me, “Our wedding is kind of like the evil twin of that one!” And she wasn’t wrong. With the main theme of the wedding being red and black, including a stunner of a red dress, the tables named after rock songs, a live rock band, and a constant outpouring of smoke lit up by red, purple and blue lights, as well as wedding photos using all the graffiti in the heart of Bristol, this couldn’t have been more rock ‘n roll if it tried.

I absolutely adore my job. I gave away two free weddings because I knew they would be awesome and unique (which was kind of the criteria :-)) and that I’d get some amazing pictures and have a blast doing it. These two weddings were at complete opposite ends of the spectrum, and I loved them both, because they were personal, fun and unique. (And oddly, not a white wedding dress in sight!) So please, do YOU at your wedding. That’s what makes it great.

Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-1 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-2 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-3 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-4 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-6 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-7 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-13 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-14 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-15 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-17 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-19 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-20 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-23 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-24 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-27 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-29 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-30 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-33 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-34 Bristol graffiti wedding Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-37 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-40 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-42 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-44 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-45 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-48 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-49 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-53 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-55 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-58 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-59 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-64 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-65 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-68 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-71 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-73 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-74 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-76 Rock-n-Roll-Circomedia-Wedding-Bristol-78

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3 responses to “A Rock n Roll Circus Wedding {Charlie & Simon} | Bristol Wedding Photographer

  1. Beautiful. Love the colours of the street images.

  2. What a cool wedding, wonderfully captured (love the pics with the cat!!) and love, love, love the red dress!!! Just thought about you, wondering about your escapades in the UK… certainly looks like you’re having fun!!

  3. Oh gosh that is such a fabulous colour! I think I am in love with her dress XO