Savile Club Wedding {Gemma & Matt}


Savile Club Wedding

Gemma and Matt were married on a lovely September Saturday at St James’ Church in Clerkenwell, with the reception at the gorgeous and elegant Savile Club wedding venue in Mayfair. The Savile Club is so incredibly gorgeous and light-filled; add to that the masses of balloons, and I was in prettiness heaven! 🙂

I was second shooting for Eliza Claire Photography – thanks for having me along! The whole day was just beautiful and stylish, and since those things make me happy, I had a very lovely day indeed. 🙂

Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-1 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-3 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-4 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-6 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-10 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-12 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-14 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-16 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-17 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-20

They were just faking, I swear! All Matt’s brother’s idea (which I was all over, of course!).

Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-21 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-22 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-25 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-28 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-29 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-31 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-35 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-39 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-40 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-43 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-47 Savile-Club-Wedding-Gemma-Matt-48






4 responses to “Savile Club Wedding {Gemma & Matt}

  1. Wow, what gorgeous venue shots. I love all the hats and that awesome bus!

  2. Thanks for all your help with this gorgeous wedding, Kat!

  3. I really like the series of colours you were able to accentuate through your pictures.

  4. Nice wedding theme, Kat.

    Catch ya soon