A Seaside Trash the Dress/ Day After Beach Wedding Session {Leah & Aidan}

Kent Wedding Botany Bay

Leah and Aidan were married just a few months ago, but they didn’t get many photos of themselves on the day. When Leah emailed me to ask if I would do a trash the dress or day-after shoot with them, and did I have any ideas, I basically went, “YES!” and “Beach!” (I’d always wanted to photograph a beach wedding).  Incredibly organised Aidan immediately went to work to find a suitable location, and came up with Botany Bay on the Kent coastline, which I LOVED. So one Saturday morning we packed our bags – and their car – full of wedding clothes and sunscreen, and off we went for a fun day of photos in the sand (and a really fantastic pub lunch and dinner). Botany Bay is simply gorgeous, and we were lucky enough to find a tiny secluded bay to start off in, before ending up on the main beach and dodging happy holidaymakers! It turns out that Aidan and Leah live literally two streets down from me, so not only do we all have some lovely photos, but I’ve got some lovely new friends too!

Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-01 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-02 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-03 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-04 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-05 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-06 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-07 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-08 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-09 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-10 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-11 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-12 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-13 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-14 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-15 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-16 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-17 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-18 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-19 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-20 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-21 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-22 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-23 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-24 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-25 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-26 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-27 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-28 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-29 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-30 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-31 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-32 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-33 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-34 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-35 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-36 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-37 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-38 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-39 Beach-Wedding-Trash-the-Dress-40


3 responses to “A Seaside Trash the Dress/ Day After Beach Wedding Session {Leah & Aidan}

  1. beautiful, breath taking photos and the location is wonderful. Love the composition and photography.

  2. I love weddings by the sea :)

  3. Wow! Incredibly creative, especially with the starfish!

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