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Buckinghamshire Wedding Photographer – Chicheley Hall Wedding {Jane & Matt}

Sunny afternoon wedding at Chicheley Hall wedding


Earlier this year, I got a phonecall from Jane. “Hello,” she said, “I just wanted to check that you’re as bonkers as I am before we hire you to shoot our wedding!” 😀 Well, that was the gist of it, anyway! After I’d stopped laughing I assured her I absolutely was, and so they booked me! Yes! I’m always excited to work with nutters like myself. 🙂 So Jane and Matt’s phenomenally fun and chilled out wedding went off perfectly last month, with me documenting every silly face-pull, belly laugh, and nap in the sun (yes, that happened). There were also dinosaurs, food stalls from four different countries – India, America, Italy, and of course, good olde Englande – a treasure hunt, deck chairs, space hoppers, giant ludo, and all sorts of other garden games. Jane and Matt wanted their guests to have a fun, relaxed afternoon garden party, and it worked SO WELL. Even I felt like I was a guest at the party instead of working!

There were so many fabulous little touches. I loved that Jane borrowed a tiny lego figurine from each of Matt’s sons to put in her bouquet. The speeches took place in the sun on the lawn outside Chicheley Hall wedding venue, and there were no tables or place-settings – everyone just helped themselves to food from the national food stalls, and found a deckchair or a comfy spot on the grass to feast! Apparently the Chicheley Hall wedding staff were a bit taken aback by Jane and Matt’s original requests at first, but then they totally got into the spirit of it all, and had a blast making everything from curry to pizza to fish and chips! When the band arrived (Heathen – they were EXCELLENT), they decided to set up on the lawn as well, and with the sun setting behind them, that’s where Jane and Matt had their first dance – after Jane and all her hen party friends had done The Macarena, of course!

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