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North London Wedding Photography – Stephens House Wedding {Priya & Darshan}

Just a few from Priya and Darshan’s winter Stephens House wedding last year. I was just with them for a couple of hours, as they decided last minute to get a photographer for their close-family-only legal wedding ceremony at Stephens House & Gardens. Their big Indian wedding was the following weekend, and that was being photographed by Darshan’s old friend, the super talented photographer Sachin Khona. But since Sachin wasn’t available for the registry office ceremony, he referred me to them – thanks, Sachin!

It was a lovely autumn day, and the weather totally played along (yay!). For some reason I always seem to photograph at Stephens House wedding venue in autumn (see Kat and Nick’s fabulous black and orange Halloween wedding), but what I love about that is the deep red ivy on the white walls of the house overlooking the huge gardens. I always get my couples to do their confetti shots in front of that ivy, because it makes such a pretty backdrop! And in fact, Priya and Darshan went back and did two lots of confetti shots so that they could have both flowers and bubbles! Plus, with such an intimate wedding, their confetti aisle wasn’t very long. 🙂

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North London Wedding Photography – Halloween Wedding at Stephens House {Kat & Nick}

Halloween wedding confetti



North London Wedding Photography

Kat and Nick had a fabulous Halloween wedding on Halloween weekend this year! Stephens House & Gardens in Finchley, North London provided the perfect backdrop, as it was already all dressed up for Halloween, complete with a haunted basement, ooooh. Plus it’s pretty fabulous getting home within 15 minutes – I love photographing North London weddings as they’re so close to where I live in High Barnet, so please come find me and have me shoot yours!

I loved all the black and orange decor at Kat and Nick’s wedding – it was quirky and fun without being remotely cheesy or costume-party-ish, and the guests had an absolute blast! I was only with them for a few hours, but here are some highlights of the day – including Kat and her bridesmaids arriving in police cars which were, of course, decked out for Halloween, complete with all sorts of skeletons, severed limbs and creepy crawlies inside, as well as a tour of Stephen House’s haunted basement.

Also, I have to give them props for the excellent deluge of brightly-coloured confetti – resulting in one of my favourite confetti photos ever! And also to Kat and her bridesmaids for showing that the bride and bridesmaids can wear black to a wedding and look absolutely sensational. White, shmite! And also, vintage-styled hair! *hearts for eyes*

This was so AWESOME. Thank you so much, Kat and Nick!

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Prince Albert Camden | London Pub Weddings {Becca & Ali}

London Pub Wedding


I love London pub weddings, and I LOVE the Prince Albert pub in Camden Town. It’s such a gorgeous spot for a wedding, and the decor and aesthetic is just so ME, so I’m always super happy to get to photograph a wedding there! (For past weddings see here and here).

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West Lodge Park Wedding {Debi & Paul}


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Wedding at The Prince Albert pub in Camden {Shannen & Christian} – North London Wedding Photography


Prince Albert pub wedding

“You guys are so cute!” is what I kept saying to Christian and Shannen the whole day (and probably a hundred times more just to myself, so they wouldn’t think I was creepy or obsessed). But seriously, they are! SO CUTE. Shannen didn’t stop smiling the whole day, and Chris wasn’t far behind. It was so plain to me how much in love they are, and I might have choked up a little during Chris’ awesome speech about how fantastic Shannen is. Add to that the fact that he baked the wedding cake himself (!!!!), and I think Shannen’s found herself a keeper. 🙂

A bunch of really fun guests, a Jenga drinking game, some adorable kids, a great venue and delicious food made this wedding an incredible one with which to start off the year! Way to set the standard, guys!

My second shooter was my fab friend Heline Bekker.

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