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Duke’s Head Wedding, Putney {Jennie & Scott}

Dukes Head Wedding riverfront | Putney Wedding South London


I absolutely adore these two! First off, when Jennie first contacted me about photographing her wedding to Scott at The Dukes Head wedding venue pub in Putney, she was incredibly excited about every single thing, and every email she sent me between then and the wedding day (and since) was just bubbling over with enthusiasm. I’m always super excited about weddings, but Jennie’s excitement was just infectious! She and Scott have been together since high school – over half their lives, as they pointed out in their speeches – so their wedding day was about celebrating that love and commitment in true “Scott and Jennie” fashion. So Scott wore jeans and a jacket, while Jennie (aka the craft queen) went to town with pink dye and glitter! She bought a plain white dress and dip-dyed it pink and sparkled it up; she made the sparkly heart belt to go with it, as well as her cat-ear headdress (atop her kickass pink mohawk!) and all the paper bouquets! The girls got a pink taxi to the venue, and then following the ceremony Scott and Jennie did TWO confetti exits – one for flowers and one for bubbles! Confetti is my favourite thing at a wedding (well, one of them), so this was made for me!

After some strolling up and down the Putney riverfront – which fortunately was dry; the following weekend I was in the area and the entire street was caked with mud! – for photos (thanks for giving me time to get so many lovely ones, you guys), we went back to the Duke’s Head pub for a “help yourself” dinner in  the downstairs bar – all very chilled out and relaxed, just like Scott and Jennie. I don’t think I’ve met a less stressed bride ever – Jennie, you’re awesome! Plus we bonded over our mermaid leg tattoos 🙂

Oh and of course, Jennie also made the caketopper figurines of herself and Scott – so cute!

Thanks to my partner in crime, my second shooter Heline Bekker!

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©Kat Forsyth Photography, Dukes Head Wedding

London Wedding Photography – London Rowing Club Wedding, Putney {Holly & Jason}

Wedding Photographers London Putney



London Rowing Club Wedding Photography

Holly and Jason’s wedding has to go down in history as one of the happiest, smiliest weddings with the most weeping ever! Holly has the most radiant smile I’ve ever seen, and she couldn’t stop it on her wedding day, of course. But then there were the vows and heartfelt speeches which left most of the guests in pieces (me included!), interspersed with so many hilarious, joyful bits that everyone was going from crying to laughing to clapping and back again within a matter of seconds. Such a great day!

I started off with Holly getting ready in Wimbledon, and when she arrived at the London Rowing Club wedding venue in Putney on the river bank, the best thing happened. I’m used to guests sighing and going “ooh!” in appreciation as the bride walks in on her Dad’s arm, but when Holly’s friends and family saw her looking so beautiful, there was an actual GASP, followed by full-on applause as she walked down the aisle to Jason, who was applauding too. Freaking amazing moment. And then, after having everyone tear up during the ceremony, they ended with a group singalong of “Higher and Higher”, which was just the most fun ever! I think I’m going to start suggesting that to couples – everyone should have a rock song crowd singalong at their wedding. I wish I’d done it!

Afterwards there were incredible, funny, warm, emotional speeches  – one thing I loved was that anytime anyone got mentioned by name in the speeches, they had to stand up and take a bow and be applauded, even if it was just “Holly’s friends from school!”. And I have to give a special mention to the food, which was INCREDIBLE. Possibly the best wedding food I’ve had this year. Yum. I’m certainly going back to the London Rowing Club wedding venue! (thank goodness it’s not just a wedding venue).

Thank you so much, Holly and Jason, and also to my 2nd shooter, Paola, for your awesome support. Oh and special mention to Holly and Jason’t bear puppet, Bob, who travels round the world with them, and featured in the table names as well as getting up to a bit of wedding fun on his own! 🙂

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