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One Friendly Place Wedding {Rosie & Ben}

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Alternative London Wedding Photographer | One Friendly Place Wedding

I was so excited when Rosie and Ben booked me to photograph their One Friendly Place wedding, because I’d wanted to do a wedding there for so long! It’s a really cool warehouse style venue in Deptford, perfect for a quirky South London wedding (or any quirky, fun London wedding photography really!). It’s also linked to The Roost wedding venue, where I’ve photographed before, and is just as full of offbeat charm and different rooms filled with crazy art pieces and mismatched furniture – so stylish!

Ben and Rosie’s wedding day was exactly the type of wedding I love to photograph. When I arrived at Rosie’s house, her bridesmaids were making toast and cutting the bouquets down to size, and just generally having a fun, chilled morning with their best friend. I felt welcome immediately! Then it was off to their church for the ceremony, where the choir Rosie’s involved with performed and led the congregation in the exit song!

After the ceremony, I got run over by Rosie and Ben in the fastest run confetti exit I’ve ever seen – it was so funny; they came running down the street at me, I snapped away furiously, and then I just ducked as they ran over me (I mean, they didn’t trample me or anything; they ran on either side with their hands over me :P). It was hilarious, and actually turned out really brilliantly, because I think their confetti photos are some of the most dynamic I’ve ever taken, and they love them too! So yay!

After that we all headed off to One Friendly Place wedding venue in Deptford Bridge, south London, which totally lived up to its reputation and was awesome. We popped out to the roof to do the couple photos, and the sky was just amazing – black clouds over the city, swoon. All the hearts for eyes.

Rosie and Ben look so happy and giggly in all their photos, and that’s all them – they had The Best Time on their wedding day, and it really shows – and so did all their guests! Thanks for having me and Heline (my second shooter) along, you two! And feeding us your epic food! YUM.

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London Wedding Photography – The Swan at Shakespeare’s Globe Wedding {Lora & Nick}

swan restaurant shakespeares globe wedding



At the end of October I photographed Lora and Nick’s wedding – just in time before the clocks went back, so we still had that extra hour of sunlight for photos! Nice planning, you two. Plus it was a gorgeous balmy day – we all went outside in short sleeves quite happily, and my second shooter, Paola, was even wearing sandals!

The main thing that stood out to me about this lovely wedding was just how happy Lora and Nick were. I don’t think I got a single photo of Lora without a huge smile on her face, and Nick wasn’t far behind. They were BEAMING their faces off, and I loved it! And the other thing that struck me was the close relationship between Lora, her sister Claire, and their Mum. The sweetest trio of ladies – and the latter two spent the day going from tears to huge smiles and back to tears again. They were so happy for Lora and Nick.

The ceremony was held at The Swan at Shakespeares Globe wedding venue, which got geeky me very excited, because, well, Shakespeare. 🙂 After the ceremony we headed out for photos on the river bank, where Nick and Lora didn’t let the hundreds of tourists put them off one bit, and Claire managed to hold off the crowds on the Millennium Bridge so we could get a photo of the couple there!

Quick explanation of the well-loved Tiggr toy you’ll see in a few photos – he was Nick’s favourite stuffed as an animal as a child, so Lora sneaked him out of their house and delivered him to Nick’s mum, who made him a suit and bowtie, and brought him as a surprise wedding guest! I LOVED him, and it made me wish someone had brought my favourite toy, Carrot (a purple bunny) to my wedding in a little tuxedo!

shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-1 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-4 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-6 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-10 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-12 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-14 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-16 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-18 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-19 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-21 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-23 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-25 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-26 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-29 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-30 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-31 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-32 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-33 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-34 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-35 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-37 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-38 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-39 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-40 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-42 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-43 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-45 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-47 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-50 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-51 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-52 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-55 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-57 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-59 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-61 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-62 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-64 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-66 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-68 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-69 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-71 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-73 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-75 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-76 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-79 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-80 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-82 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-85 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-87 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-89 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-91 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-93 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-95 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-96 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-99 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-102 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-103 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-104 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-105 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-106 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-108 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-110 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-112 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-115 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-117 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-118 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-121 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-123 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-125 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-129 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-131 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-132 shakespeares-globe-swan-wedding-lora-nick-136




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London Wedding Photography – London Rowing Club Wedding, Putney {Holly & Jason}

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London Rowing Club Wedding Photography

Holly and Jason’s wedding has to go down in history as one of the happiest, smiliest weddings with the most weeping ever! Holly has the most radiant smile I’ve ever seen, and she couldn’t stop it on her wedding day, of course. But then there were the vows and heartfelt speeches which left most of the guests in pieces (me included!), interspersed with so many hilarious, joyful bits that everyone was going from crying to laughing to clapping and back again within a matter of seconds. Such a great day!

I started off with Holly getting ready in Wimbledon, and when she arrived at the London Rowing Club wedding venue in Putney on the river bank, the best thing happened. I’m used to guests sighing and going “ooh!” in appreciation as the bride walks in on her Dad’s arm, but when Holly’s friends and family saw her looking so beautiful, there was an actual GASP, followed by full-on applause as she walked down the aisle to Jason, who was applauding too. Freaking amazing moment. And then, after having everyone tear up during the ceremony, they ended with a group singalong of “Higher and Higher”, which was just the most fun ever! I think I’m going to start suggesting that to couples – everyone should have a rock song crowd singalong at their wedding. I wish I’d done it!

Afterwards there were incredible, funny, warm, emotional speeches  – one thing I loved was that anytime anyone got mentioned by name in the speeches, they had to stand up and take a bow and be applauded, even if it was just “Holly’s friends from school!”. And I have to give a special mention to the food, which was INCREDIBLE. Possibly the best wedding food I’ve had this year. Yum. I’m certainly going back to the London Rowing Club wedding venue! (thank goodness it’s not just a wedding venue).

Thank you so much, Holly and Jason, and also to my 2nd shooter, Paola, for your awesome support. Oh and special mention to Holly and Jason’t bear puppet, Bob, who travels round the world with them, and featured in the table names as well as getting up to a bit of wedding fun on his own! 🙂

London Rowing Club Weddings London Rowing Club Wedding London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-004 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-005 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-008 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-009 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-012 London Rowing Club Wedding Venue weddings Putney London Rowing Club London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-017 bride walking down aisle London Rowing Club wedding London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-020 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-022 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-023 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-025 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-026 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-028 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-030 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-032 tea length wedding dress London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-034 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-036 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-038 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-040 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-044 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-045 Wedding photographers London London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-048 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-050 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-052 World map seating plan wedding Ski wedding cake with personalised cake toppers London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-059 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-061 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-062 London Rowing Club reception wedding London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-068 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-069 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-071 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-073 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-075 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-076 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-078 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-081 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-082 London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-085 Putney embankment wedding photos London-Rowing-Club-Wedding-Putney-HJ-087 Putney Wedding Photographer South London wedding photographers


Wedding Photographers London: Hannah & Sam’s Fulham & Putney Wedding


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Wedding at Barnes Wetland Centre & London Museum of Water & Steam {Deepa & Josh}

Barnes Wetland Centre Wedding

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